About Us

Agent Technical is Technical Information Website. This Website is run by Er. Abhishek Sharma. Abhishek Sharma is Blogger and Content Writer and has invested Time and Money in Online Properties since January 2018. Abhishek holds on B Tech in Mechanical Branch from the University of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University of Lucknow and he lives in Utter Pradesh, India with his family. Abhishek Sharma in our college time in B Tech create Many projects like Drone, Flying Plane Drone, and in our last year, they have made an Automatic Metal Detector Robot for Granade Finding.

Abhishek Sharma in our B Tech time period After College study they will learn online Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Knowledge and after learning they will run many Websites in Technical Niche. Because they have a lot of Knowledge about New Technical Gadgets & Software. And in this Agent Technical Website, they will share our Technical Knowledge in Article Form.

Abhishek enjoys every moment in our life and Collects all Types of Technical details of every Trending & Upcoming Technology in since 20 Century. And Share our all Knowledge on This Website. if you also find the latest technical News about software and Gadgets check my website.

Note – I will Not share any type of illegal content on our website. If you come for finding illegal type knowledge and Link. So I recommend returning to my website.