Anmol Lipi Keyboard

Download Anmol Lipi Keyboard for your Windows operating system.

Anmol Lipi is a windows based keyboard used for typing various Punjabi Fonts on a computer. Fonts like Gurmukhi and many more can be typed by using this keyboard layout on a PC.

Well, Punjabi typing and Punjabi fonts are very demanding factors in the market.

Today in India, Punjabi is a fluent spoken language in Punjab. With speaking, the need for this language in typing is present from various governmental and private agencies. Here, the usage of Punjabi fonts, as well as typing, is very significant.

In this post, you will read a complete review of the Anmol Lipi Keyboard. Also, Check Nudi 6.0 Software & Anu Telugu Fonts.

I will discuss the key aspects of this keyboard and Punjabi fonts. How do they work on your system? And how you can use the keyboard in a better way? These questions are answered here.

Also, you can download the latest version of this keyboard from this post. So read the review completely.

What are Secondary language keyboard layouts?

Computer typing is an integral part of working. Besides English, secondary languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Bengali are used in India by millions of users. Secondary languages are a significant factor in the working of many users.

For typing any secondary language you can use the regular English QWERTY keyboard.

The English to other language converter work by converting English characters into selected language characters. When you type on the English keyboard, it changes into other language characters and can see on the screen.

But, this process is quite complicated.

Anmol Lipi Keyboard

This is because you have to learn the exact process of language characters on an English keyboard.

For this, Secondary language keyboard layouts like Anmol Lipi Keyboard were developed.

This one is specially designed for Punjabi typing and gives user numbers of Punjabi fonts as well. It does not convert the English character instead, you will be typing Punjabi characters directly.

By using a secondary keyboard layout like Anmol Lipi you can achieve fast typing and accurate results in a low time. As you don’t need to remember the character position see and type smoothly.

Know More Details about Anmol Lipi Keyword

Anmol Lipi Keyboard is windows based software that works as a keyboard layout for Punjabi language typing. The tool not only converts your regular English typing into Punjabi language but also provides various fonts in this language.

The keyboard layout controls the Unicode characters.

You can use this amazing software in Windows 7, Windows 8, as well in Windows 10.

Anmol Lipi Keyboard

Selecting the Punjabi language and switching back to the English language is very easy I will discuss its usage and features in a while.

Till now you can download its latest version from this post.

With over 125 million native speakers in India, Punjabi Font is an Indo-Aryan language. In the Punjabi culture, this is a widely used language.

How to use Anmol Lipi Keyboard?

Using this keyboard layout is very simple. Once you download the latest version as per your system and install it, you have to open any typing software.

Now, select the Punjabi language by pressing the Alt + Shift keys.

By this, the typing language will get changed into Punjabi from English and the keyboard will appear on the screen. You can also select the number of fonts listed in this language. The default font is Gurmukhi font which is useful for formal typing.

There are many fancy and attractive fonts present on this tool.

Where to use this Anmollipi keyboard?

This question is very common among users about how this software is helpful and in which field it will grow their typing skills.

Well, Punjabi is a major typing language in Punjab, India. Here many governmental agencies, as well as private institutions, have computers working in the Punjabi language. If you wanted to join work then make sure to learn fluent Punjabi typing first.

Anmol Lipi Keyboard

Also, a number of typing exams are taken in the Punjabi language.

So, if you are preparing for these types of exams then you can practice on Anmol Lipi and make sure typing better.

Why use Anmol Lipi Keyboard?

On the online market there is a number of Punjabi Typing Software present, so why use this one.

Well, this question can be answered in the following points:

  • Reliable windows based program for secondary language typing.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface and modest working.
  • Can use easily with the help of a simple keyboard layout.
  • Works on Unicode keyboard for typing.
  • Comes with a number of fonts including the Gurmukhi one.
  • Users can use the fonts for different purposes.
  • Available in both Windows and Android versions.
  • Most trusted and used tool in Punjab, India.
  • Helpful to learn fluent Punjabi typing.
  • Helps to increase speed and accuracy in Punjabi typing.
  • Can use on typing as well as on communication platforms.
  • Brings easy customization.
  • This is safe and free to use on Windows.

Mobile version of Anmol Lipi

Besides using it on Windows, there is a mobile version present for the software as well.

You can download it from the official site in APK and install it on your smartphone. This tool allows users to communicate in the Punjabi language on a mobile phone. It can be used on social media platforms and on e-mails as well.

How to Anmol Lipi Keyboard Download?

Users who wanted to download the latest version of this Emsingner Free Download can follow the listed step below. But, make sure to check the smallest system needed and then download the Emsingner Download as per your PC.

The latest version of the Anmol Lipi Keyboard can be downloaded for Windows 7 to Windows 10 by following these basic steps.

Step#1 Click on the DOWNLOAD button and go to the second tab.

Step#2 Select the set-up file as per your Required Windows Version.

Step#3 Now download the selected file easily in a few Min.

Step#4 Open it from Downloads.

Step#5 Allow Administration to run this file.

Step#6 Now, click on the I Agree and Install button.

Step#7 Complete the installation.

Step#8 Re-start your system.

Step#9 Open any typing application.

Step#10 Press Alt + Shift for Changing Text Font.

Step#11 Now, Punjabi fonts get activated with Anmol Lipi Keyboard on screen.


This was my review of the Anmol Lipi Keyboard.

So, users who wanted to unlock Punjabi typing and Punjabi fonts on their computer for free can download the latest version of this amazing keyboard and start using it without any buy.

This is a very reliable source of Punjabi typing!

In conclusion, if you have found this post useful then you can share your views in the comment section.

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