Battlestate Games Launcher

Do you know about Battlestate Games Launcher? This is a very unique application developed by Battle Games for gamers and other developers. In 2021 this software has earned the trust of millions of users who helped it to become one of the successful game launcher software.

There is a number of versions present for this software but I am going to talk about the most popular one that is 12.8.

In this post, I will review Battlestate Games Launcher and talk about its major aspects.

Here you will read about the basic factor of this application like what is this software is all about, some of its components as Tarkov, and other features. I will list the steps to download the latest version of this software and a link as well. Also, you will also read the character system, inventory, activities.

So, let’s get started with our topic.

Introduction of Battlestate Games Launcher

Battlestate Games, the developers of this game have developed this popular software called Battlestate Games Launcher. It is very new software with amazing aspects and features. Its most popular version is 12.8 for which people are looking for.

The executable program file of this software is BsgLauncher.exe.

Bettlestate Games Launcher

Besides this, Tarkov is one of the high tension multiplayer shooters with an amazing ruthless tone. But, we all know that the game is not released yet. But if you are a big fan of then you can order and play the beta version for sure.

Those who have not tried any launcher can try this without any issue as well!

For beginners, I have mentioned all the steps to download and install this software in their system. All you have to do is read this post, it will work as a guide for you.

How can you Escape from Tarkov?

This feature was developed and designed by a Russian Saint-Peterburg-based company also known as the Battlestate game. We can say that Escape from Tarkov is one of the realistic features that have amazing first-person action RPGs. This can be seen online and used for gamers.

Located on the frontier between Russia and Europe this is set in the fictional Norvinsk region.

Because of Contract Wars, the metropolis of Tarkov has plugged anarchy.

Bettlestate Games Launcher

Those who know this virtual city, where earlier it was a normal city now it has rivaling scavenger gangs, black ops units, and former private military forces. Among all these rush you will be playing, you have to escape from the dark depth of Tarkov.

You have to play as a character who is one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov war.

There is one of the sides of USEC or BEAR, which you have to choose. You have to make your way out of the city while surviving the conflict. Supply chains are cut, communication with operational command gets lost, and the whole city is sealed by UN and Russian Militaries.

The operational conditions demand everyone to put in their greatest efforts.

Features of Battlestate Games Launcher

There is a number of amazing features present on Battlestate Games Launcher. The key ones are listed below check them out.

  • Gamers can explore unique and different locations in Tarkov city.
  • A lot of sites available to visit like a military base, chemical plant, citizen blocks, and many more.
  • Multiplayer game mode can be played with a scenario-based walkthrough.
  • Complete missions and raids to unlock high achievements and game prizes.
  • Useful items added in the city to make the game more stable.
  • Escape from Tarkov while making strategies with your teammates and surviving till last.

Combat keys to winning Battlestate Games Launcher

I have listed some combat keys that will defiantly help you in the game.

  • Hazardous Environment Combat System will enhance your over all gaming experience.
  • Get attached to the health and physical characteristics of your character.
  • Track exhaustion, blood loss, blood pressure, energy, and other factors as well.
  • Control the movements of your character like speed, leaning, pruning, running, and all.
  • Feel the weapons and then use them to survive till last!t
  • You can see the effects like reloading, operating, jamming, overheating, aiming, and others.
  • Now gamers can interact with the environment and experience the gameplay.

Actions in Battlestate Games Launcher

There are numbers of aspects you are going to see in the game besides gaming.

  • Gamers can interact with non-combat activities in a large amount.
  • To gain the trust of NPCs you can communicate and even trade with them as well.
  • For a better experience, I will recommend adapting to the economy.
  • One can sell his loot in the auction, this is a very good factor in the game.
  • Establish combat abilities with groups.
  • The real-time gameplay can be experienced by this software, to download it keep reading this post.

How to Battlestate Games Launcher Download?

Gamers who wanted to play Battlestate Launcher but facing the issue to download or launch it on their pc they can download the software file and install it on their computer using the link given below. I have listed the key features and the latest version that will help you to download the software.

  1. You have to pre-order the software before launching it on your computer.
  2. Click on the given link, you will read the official site for sure.
  3. Login then visits the Profile page of the website.
  4. You have to paste the beta test code or buy the launcher.
  5. Now download the Battlestate Games Launcher. Run the launcher on your computer.
  6. Wait for a few seconds to install, then re-start and refresh your computer.
  7. Now open the software and follow the further instructions.


This was my review on Battlestate Games Launcher.

Above I have listed the essential aspects of this software like features, activities, combat tips and what is this game is all about. From the above-listed factors, we can say that it is worth downloading.

So download Battlestate Games Launcher now! And Also check this Pokemon Game Maker, Pictek Gaming Mouse Software & Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software, Vivitar Experience Image Manager, Article in Software Category Section.

In conclusion, you can share your views in the comment section as well!

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