Looking for Camscanner Alternative? If yes then you have landed on the right post as here I am going to discuss some best alternatives for this application.

A cam scanner is not needed much in our daily life but when it comes to specific working camscanner used by thousands of users all around the world. In India, the camscanner has very high downloads with demanding popularity.

Those who are in regular use of this application must know the significant performance of the app in the market.

So, in this post, we are going to discuss some alternatives to this application. But before jumping straight to the topic we have to know more about this app. How does it work? What are its features? And why we need an alternative instead of the original app. And Also check this Best Kundli Software for Pc, Best Bass Booster App For PC & the Best Sega Dreamcast Emulator.

These all questions answered in this post are simple!

Thus, if you really wanted to enhance your scanning work then read this post completely you will be going to achieve many benefits.

What is Camscanner

Released in 2011, Camscanner is a Chinese application developed for android and iOS devices so their user can scan an image by its scanner.

By scanning the image you can convert it into jpg form. Other than scanning images this application also lets the user scan documents and share the photo either in JPEG or PDF form.

This application was developed by INTSIG Information Company Limited and is available in 17 languages on the Google Play Store.

One can use this application on Android, iOS, Windows, Web, and even in macOS as well!

Camscanner was the best application for scanning documents until it was found that it generates some malicious malware that infects android mobile devices. So, the Google Play store removed the application and recommended uninstalling it.

camscanner alternative

Talking about India, it got banned with 58 other Chinese apps. During the India-China controversy, it was found that several Chinese applications steal and transfer the private information of users.

Popular applications like Tik Tok, Shareit, and Player Unknown Battle Ground got banned with this application.

Now, it is not available on any app store.

However, if you are still using the old version of this application that I will recommend uninstalling it as it can affect both your phone’s data and performance both!

These reasons led everyone to look for Camscanner Alternative.

After the ban of this amazing application, there were several other apps took their place. This includes Adobe Scan, Scanbot, Microsoft Office Lens, and many more. I have discussed the top 5 Camscanner Alternative, check them below.

Top 5 Best Alternative For Camscanner

So Now I will shear Top 5 Best Alternative for Camscanner in Below List and Also I will explain All Features and Technical details in these all Camscanner Alternative.

camscanner alternative

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan counted as one of the best applications to scan documents and pictures. It developed by a well-known developer, Adobe. As it is a document management conglomerate so you will be getting endless features and tools to use!

Here you can scan documents, ID cards, receipts, and any other paper document it is very easy to use. When you bring the text or image in from this scanner it recognizes the type of document and automatically crops the image, this saves both time and hassle.

One can also scan texts of documents and export them in JPEG or PDF. It is an all-in-one scanning application.

Before using this scanner you have to create an account then do batch scanning without watermarks.


Scanbot is a very quick working application used for scanning documents and creating PDFs when you want really fast performance. When you download and start using this scanner you will find I overall functioning with useful features.

At one time you can scan any ID card, whiteboard, QR code, document, and any kind of receipt. The smart functioning of this application has the auto-crop feature as well.

However, the premium version is quite expensive.

Besides these features, you can also use multi-page scans and OCR text reorganization. Document editing and annotations can be done as well. One can export the file in JPENG or PDF form and upload them directly on the cloud to store.

You are not going to face any issues like a watermark or glitch. It is safe to use.

camscanner alternative

Microsoft Office Lens

Another scanner from a well-known developer, Microsoft Office Scanner is a powerful Camscanner Alternative that is available on the internet easily. Those who are in the Microsoft ecosystem will get better performance of this application.

The best part of this application is you can scan handwritten notes, diagrams, whiteboards with documents!

Your scanned documents can be directly exported on Microsoft software like PowerPoint and MSWord.

Besides this, you can crop the ID cards, OCR, and many more images.

It has proven as the best scanner for Microsoft users, expert JPG and PDF without watermark for free.

Evernote Scannable

For those who have an apple device like iPhone or iPad Evernote Scannable is built for them! If you have used Camscanner then you will find many similar features on this scanner as well.

By using this scanner you can scan notes, business cards, receipts, and any paper document with clear text. Its smart edge detection crop the unwanted image, further you can save them in PDF files or JPGs. Without facing any issue you can send and store the document with e-mail and cloud.

The basics of this scanner are pretty good as you are getting OCR and Annotation features as well.

You can scan the items in batch by using the batch scanning tool, also you will not get any watermark issues.

However, it does not have OCR support.

camscanner alternative


Our next best Alternative for Camscanner is TapScanner. It is a reliable application that delivers average performance compared to a cam scanner. The working of this app is quite different as it takes 3 photos to create a detailed and clear scanned document this means you have to wait for getting the best results.

It detects and trims the borders automatically.

Moreover, it has OCR support and a cloud integration feature for creating your documents. You can export them in JPG, PNG, and PDF format. Batch scanning can be done as well!

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