The Best Chatting App in India is in trend! These chatting applications help us to stay connected with our friends and family members. Through them, you can stay in touch every time and from anywhere.

No doubt one can download Best Chatting App in India on their mobile at no cost!

Are you too looking for these kinds of applications? Or do you want to shift to a new and fresh chatting application to enjoy noteworthy features? If yes then you have landed in the right place because today I am going to talk about Best Chatting App in India.

Sending a message and staying connected with loved ones is not a big deal now!

By being on the communication applications you can easily chat or call with known using voice and video call options. The Best Chatting Apps in 2021 are here for you.

The best factor of these apps is some of the sport the desktop and laptop functioning as well.

Thus, if you are interested in them then you must read this post completely. Also, I will include the top ones only that assure performance, ease of use, reliability, exclusive features, and user privacy. Also, check this Article’s Best Indian Messaging App.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Chatting App in India

All shear Top 5 Best Chatting App in India for Windows to Use in Below List and Also I will explain All Features and Technical details in these all make Chatting App in India in India.

Best Chatting App in India


Started in 2013, Slack was one of the famous platforms to chat in the team. It was enjoyed and appreciated by a lot of people. This platform has a useful General channel for the entire association. Being a user you can choose the type of group or channel you wanted to be a part of.

However, you have to avoid unauthentic activities on these channels. I also found a disadvantage that it comes in a software pack but that provides beneficial value as well!

The key features of this chatting app are:

  • Discovering is very modest, needed to answer the questions from the search.
  • Being a user you can filter the channel on various bases like date, theme, and data.
  • One can share the files very easy either by dragging them or linking them.
  • You can use the creative feature that is emoji reaction, which makes the answer simpler.
Best Chatting App in India

Google Chat Best Chatting App

You must not aware but Google has a chatting platform, it is not much famous but you will defiant like its aspects. The chat rooms on this platform are divided into groups as Slack does with channels. The quick joining and leaving in and from the group feature assures it as Best Chatting App in India.

While posting any document in the group alerts the permission of the application. Through this, anyone in that specific group can open that particular file or document.

The key features of this chatting app are:

  • The user can fix a quick meeting on Google Meet by tagging the teammates and listing the time and date.
  • The search feature of this application suits a lot of users, it is a significant factor on this platform.
  • The user can get real-time results by typing. also, you can filter them as well.
  • The basic plan is easy to use and the premium plan of Google Chat starts from 6$ per month.
Best Chatting App in India


I don’t think this application needs any sort of introduction! Undoubtedly, most of you heard about WhatsApp, whether there is an android or iOS device this application allows the user to make voice and video call for free. The instant user interface is very reliable for everyone to communicate.

Even if you wanted to use this application on your PC or computer the WhatsApp Web is available on the browser that allows users to open their WhatsApp on the PC. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

The key features of this chat app in India are:

  • The users on this platform are very high in number, which assures your known ones must download it!
  • The user gets automatic connected to the people who are in his contact and using the app.
  • The best feature of WhatsApp is you can create a shortcut of a particular chat. This is available on Android smartphones only.
  • Using the broadcast feature one can send a particular message to 256 people at a single time!
Best Chatting App in India


Another successful and entertaining message platform is Snapchat that is available for both Android and iOS users. The unique factor on this platform is the snap (multimedia you send) stored in the form of data. These snaps can be images or videos which are only available for a limited period.

The sender sends the snaps and the receiver has to open them within a limited time. These snaps can send privately to a particular person or to several people you have contact with. Also, Snapchat can be used for video and audio calls as well which makes it a tough competitor in the market.

The key features of this India chat app are:

  • This is the first application with thousands of amazing filters and photography effects.
  • These filters can transform your look to dress into a total different form.
  • Snaps can maintained by re-snapping them within 12 hours.
  • The maintaining of the snaps is known as the Snap Strike that helps to earn rewards.

Discord Best Chatting App

Last but not the least, we have another Best Chatting App in India as popularly known as Discord. Those who love to stream the game online must check out this application because it is epically designed for gamers. But, they are not as much as business-pacific but the servers are most created as the third party.

The superb-on audio is an essential aspect of this platform. Here you can have the text chat known as Discord Servers. The voice channels present on it are connected to your phone where you can communicate with your friends or teams.

The key features of this chatting app are:

  • press a key to turn on the network and speak with your friends.
  • Besides, text chats there is a video and audio chat feature available for the users.
  • Compared to others, Discord supports the highest audio quality.
  • In conclusion, this platform is free of cost!

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