Are you looking for the best Kundli software for PC? Or do you want to enjoy Kundil features digital? If yes, then you have clicked on the right post because today I came across the topmost software for this purpose.

Nowadays, the internet has boomed offering thousands of online platforms for different work.

Kundali making software is one of them. With the increase of people’s awareness, there is an increase in the accuracy of JanamKundali making software.

The predictions by this software will give you insight into every aspect and day of your life.

Another aspect is Birth Chart. Best Kundli software for PC will create a complete Birth Chart predicting your present and future, this will give clear reflection for your life’s path. By getting accurate predictions from JanamKundali Software you can achieve short ways to success.

You will be getting an overview of career, finance, love, marriage, and other insightful areas.

Now, when the question arises of which software we should use it becomes a confusing task for us. There are various applications for PC that claims to be accurate and authentic.

However, I have made this selection task much easier for you by reviewing the topmost software in this post. And Also I will Cover Bangla word, Kruti Dev Hindi Typing Software, Akruti Software, Anu Script Manager Article in Software Category Section.

So, all you have to do is read this post completely and get the Best Kundli software for PC.

Top 6 Best Kundli software for PC

So Now I will shear Top 7 Best Kundli software for PC  for Windows in Below List and Also I will explain All Features and Technical details in these all make Best Kundli Software.

Best Kundli Software

AstrosageKundali 7

Those who are looking for reliable and straightforward functioning software that also claims to be reliable can checkout AstrosageKundali 7. By using this you will get complete guidance throughout your life, this makes it effective software for this purpose. While using this Latest Kundli software you will also be able to understand astrology charts.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • There are different charts like the Bangla chart, Astro chart, North chart, and South chart.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly horoscopes can see on this accurate platform.
  • There are premium Astro products present for reading as well.
  • Astrology suggestions for Yantra, Mantra, Planetary, Ratna, and many more can see on it.
  • It also tracks transits and positions for different planets.
  • This free Kundli software tells details of all upcoming festivals.
  • You can access instructions and items such as Rudraksha needed for worship.
Best Kundli Software

mPanhangJanamKundali Software

One of the Best Kundli software for PC in the market for the past two years is mPanhangJanamKundali Software. There are a variety of Astro aspects that can be seen once after visiting this platform, their aspect is simple and accurate at the same time. Also, you can also use this for knowing Hindu Tithi and days for Virat as well.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • This is a single source-based platform for Kundli information.
  • There is deep information about astrology present in brilliant visual forms.
  • By using this software you can get an accurate birth chart or natal chart.
  • This software is very popular for its Kundali matching aspects.
  • Option of selecting an astrologer of your choice for consulting.

Online Jyotish best Kundli software

Another popular and most used software for getting information about Kundali Online Jyotish is both an online and offline platform. The unique and best feature of this application is, that it has an instant Kundli matching service having a quick and automated system for users. You can also create Janam Kundali n Hindi by using this application.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • This software has a user-friendly interface with visually attractive designs.
  • You can calculate the gunas and doshas of your Kundli with the help of the software assistant.
  • Other services like Astro and Horoscope are also available on this platform.
  • This is free-to-use software with a very modest process of installation.
  • Accurate and standard Janam Kundli matching reports. 

Astro-Vision Kundli Software

What Best Kundli software for PC holds? Is it performance or its features? For some user interfaces and Astro, features can be a major aspect of the software. However, another factor that I like to highlight is Traditional Vedic Astrology, this should be a key aspect in every Latest Kundli software. Astro-Vision Kundli Software stands on this factor, it gives reports in different languages including Hindi and English. Also, it is free of cost to use.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • One can know various alignments between two individuals.
  • You can get Kundli match reports in different regional languages for sure.
  • This platform uses Traditional Vedic Astrology for accurate predictions.
  • You can also use other astrology services without paying a single amount.
  • Matching janam kundli in Hindi.
  • Other free services such as horoscope chart creation.

Maitreya’s best Kundli software

Heading towards our next software we have Maitreya which claims to be a perfect and modest platform for this purpose. Based on users’ feedback it is a reliable platform for getting various details on astrology. If you use it on Windows it will be very user-friendly and precise. You can use this Computer Kundli software anytime anywhere.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • Users can get their JanamKundali free of cost along with accurate predictions.
  • It is free of cost software for everyone that has both Vedic and Western charts.
  • There are version languages present on this platform like Italian, Tamil, Hindi, English, and many more.
  • One can also save and print the information after reading them.

Astrocomp Astrology Kundil 2018

One of the special and Best Kundli software for PC is Astrocomp Astrology Kundli 2018. This is elaborate software that offers all the necessary aspects you needed from Kundli Software. You can also solve your Kundli doubts with the help of this software, Also, you only needed to provide your details once the rest it’s the work of the platform.

The key features of the software are as follows:

  • In the beginning printing, your details are free of cost can do on this software.
  • It can be used with globally accessed different time zones.
  • All general Astor Guidance can be seen on this platform.
  • There is also a premium version that holds more significant features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions about Best Kundli Software for PC with Answer.

Question How many Points(Gunas) should match for marriage?

Answer Every Kundli match with 18 or more points is considered alright. 

Question Is Mangal Dosha matching is also important?

Answer Yes, it is crucial for potential brides and grooms to get their Mangal Dosha matched. Shastras suggest that the intensity of Mangal Dosha should match between partners.

Question How can I learn to use a kundli matching software?

Answer Simple, You must ask for a Demo before purchasing an online astrology software. Also, always read the manual to explore all the features of this software.

Question Should I buy a PC or a Mac for Kundli matching software?

Answer Latest astrology software comes rich in features and can be conveniently used in both Windows and Mac. It is a matter of personal choice whether you want to use it on Windows or Mac.


This was my review of some Best Kundli software for PC.

Above I have listed the topmost software for this purpose, which are available on the internet for free. Some also have a premium version with more useful features for you.

There are several more software like My Kundali Kundli Milan Software, Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini, Click Astro, Astro Talk, and many more presents.

So, download the best one for you now!

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