I am here to discuss Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software. This is very useful software for gaming and every gamer must download this on their PC. One can download it on his or her computer by using this website as a third party.

Both Blackweb Gaming Keyboard and Mouse can be downloaded as software.

They are designed with software that supports customized settings for a better gaming experience. Here I have discussed various software which will give RGB effect on your gaming Mouse and Keyboard.

Here you will read about some interesting aspects like what is Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software Download and how one can use it on Gaming PC.

Also, one can download Blackweb Mouse Drivers by following modest steps.

So, let’s move straight to our topic!

What is Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software?

Gaming has become a popular term among youngsters. Whether we talk about our country or any other people who love gaming are most PC gamers.

The experience on a PC is far better than a mobile one.

But, some aspects also affect your gaming experience. This includes the components of the PC.

Imagine playing games on a PC with a regular keyboard and mouse and, think about using an RGB gaming mouse. The RGB mouse and keyboard will enhance your experience for sure.

Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software boosts the gaming with comfortable design and robust functioning.

We can understand this as a moderated feature with an optical sensor and an adaptive DPI.

Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software

These factors will lead you to the experience that you deserve!

There is a built-in sensitivity switch present on the software which is highly customizable from 200 to 300 DPI. By using this feature one can configure almost every mouse with six buttons, the effect of this ad of custom color and lighting.

Gamers with unique choices must check out this Blackweb Software.

Almost for six programmable keys, there are five RGB Gaming Mouse Software. If you are a true PC gamer then you must be aware of these concepts.

Now when you have understood about RGB mouse then let’s discuss how it connected to a gaming PC.

What is Blackweb Gaming Mouse for PC?

For the extreme level of Gaming, this model of Gaming mice has textured sides. This aspect provides a great grip while intense gaming.

The construction of the mouse is ergonomic that allows gamers to hold the mouse for a long time.

A relaxed playing style can be experienced!

Talking about the durability of the Gaming Mouse, it has double braided cabled it also enhances the reliability. Also, this mouse comes in a sleek black shade for seamless integration which means most of the desktops can be connected easily.

We all know that Blackweb Mouse Driver is a very popular brand for mobile and desktop accessories. They design amazing products for a high-level experience.

If you wanted to buy headphones, keyboards, or other wired accessories you can check out their site.

They hold relevant products for gamers.

Features of Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software

There are a total of six different gaming buttons present on this mouse. Yes, where the regular mouse has two to three buttons this one has 4 extra for quality gaming.

While using this mouse you will see many speed modes with LED lights.

These LED lights change the colors as well.

The programming software for this mouse is very easy to include, its adjustable DPI switch has an optical sensor. Gamers can customize the profiles and programmable buttons with five and six different buttons respective.

As I mentioned earlier, for the easy-grip it also has textured sides.

Also, you will also see braided nylon cable that is durable as well. These all factors make the mouse very expensive but worthwhile.

Short List of All Features.

  • Total 6 Button Design.
  • Multiple speed modes with color changing LED lights.
  • Easy to use & programming software included.
  • Enhanced optical sensor with adjustable DPI switch.
  • 5 Customized profiles for 6 programmable buttons.
  • 6 Button gaming mouse has textured sides for an easy grip.
  • Double braided nylon cable.

What is Blackweb Gaming Keyboard?

As we discussed the exclusive gaming mouse, we should also look at some points of the gaming keyboard.

The premium Gaming Keyboard from Backweb is RGB as well. It adds comfort and fun while gaming. Built with the ergonomic style it has high-quality material.

It comes with a set of programmable macro keys. Also, you will also see the G-keys which are premium in this term. The gamers will also see 19 anti-ghosting keys, for the complicated moves these keys known best.

What is Blackweb Gaming Keyboard for PC?

The RGB keyboard from the Blackweb Mouse Driver is not so different. It has several colors backlit that LED lights. These lights can be adjusted by the user from the PC. I have created a flash and dim effect using the customizable effect of this keyboard.

This aspect will defiantly enhance your gaming experience!

Once you order this keyboard it will come with a double USB cable, which has wear and tears resistance. This keyboard is reliable with most of the Windows.

Features of Blackweb Gaming Keyboard Software

This amazing keyboard has significant features which are highly useful while gaming.

First, the color-changing scheme of LED lights is very attractive and enhances the overall look. You can create a flash and dim effect with the customization option.

While using this keyboard you will notice five programmable G-keys that come with 15 different customizable options. As I mentioned, it also includes 19-ghosting keys, these keys are useful for unique moments while gaming.

The user will get full media support with this keyboard!

When you open your order you will see a double braided USB cable that comes with wear and tear resistance.

Overall, it is comfortable and easy to use with an attractive design.

Short List of All Features.

  • Color changing gaming keyboard with LED lights.
  • Create multiple lighting effects that glow and dim continuously.
  • Features 5 programmable G-Keys across 3 selectable profits for 15 customizable macros.
  • Includes 19 anti-ghosting keys that you can press at once to execute difficult moves with precision.
  • Full media key support.
  • Include software and a double-braided USB cable.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Compatible with Windows XP and newer Operating System.

System Requirements

These all things are required for running this Blackweb Mouse Driver. please read every point very clearly.

  • Supported USB Port: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.8 or up.
  • Bluetooth Smart Device: Windows 8 or up, Mac OS X 10.10 or up.
  • Support Android device 4.4v or up, Windows device with Bluetooth 4.0(LE) or up.
  • Note mouse connectivity thru Bluetooth varies on supported Android device version.


This was my review on Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software and also on Blackweb RGB Gaming Keyboard Software. Those who are ordering the gaming accessories must download the software for full enjoyment.

If you are a gamer and wanted to enhance your gaming experience then you must try these kinds of applications.

Also, you can download your favorite software from the official website or click on the link to get it from a third party. And Also Check my Latest Article Best Kundli Software for Pc, Akruti SoftwareAnu Script Manager Article in Software Category Section.

Share your views in the comment section as well!

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