When we talk about Scanner App, most of us think about CamSacanner. It was one of the populist and most preferred applications for this purpose. However, being a Chinese application it got banned. This leads many developers to develop the Indian Scanner App.

Today, we don’t need big machines to scan images or files.

Any smartphone with a camera can easily scan the files using Best Scanner App. For this most people look for a cost-effective alternative to CamScanner which must be useful and secure.

When the CamScanner got banned in India, users are willing to try other scanning applications.

Now you can have an effective and proficient application for advanced scanning. Thus, this post is all about.

Well, here I have reviewed the topmost Indian Scanner App, available on the market. Now will try to help you through the android applications for scanning documents and files.

The Best Scanning App is capable of scanning and saving in various formats.

You have to read this post completely and then download the best application as per your need. I hope you will found this review useful. And One More Thing some time ago I will cover Free Scrapbook Software for Windows 10, Furniture Design SoftwareJewelry Design Software in our Website Check Also this Post.

So, let’s get started without wasting any moment further.

Top 7 Best Indian Scanner App

All shear Top 7 Best Indian Scanner App for Free to Use in Below List and Also I will explain All Features and Technical details in these all make Indian Document Scanner App.

Indian Scanner App

Kaagaz Scanner

An Indian Scanner Application, Kaagaz Scanner is widely used for scanning and storing PDFs and other documents. Through this application, you can share the file on e-mail or other social media platforms and it also offers quick scanning for this purpose. It is known as one of the Indian scanning app for providing auto edge detection features.

There are five different scanning modes in eight different Indian languages. You can easily scan documents, business cards, bills, and many more file formats.

The key features are:

  • Image scanning
  • Multi-language support
  • Filtering
  • Multi scanning mode
  • Auto categorization
  • Auto-selection
Indian Scanner App


Next, we have TapScanner that claims to convert your smartphone into a pocket scanner. You can scan any kind of document by using this application and convert them into PDFs. I also found the interface of this application very functional which has many image settings. One can use TapScanner for scanning business cards and receipts.

Way managing and exporting scanned files in different formats becomes an easier task with this Indian pdf scanner app.

TapScanner also assures to scan corner borders of the images.

The key features are:

  • Filers
  • Borders
  • Crop
  • Sharing support
  • Signatures
  • PNG file
  • Border detection
Indian Scanner App

Adobe Scan

One of the popular applications for scanning documents and files, Adobe Scan is the most preferred choice of Indian users. This app is famous for its OCR technology and PDG creating feature. You will notice similar working between Adobe Scan and CamScanner application. Once you are done with the automatic scanning, it can be sent through emails and all. You can also store the scanned files on the cloud.

Also, this platform can be used to crop, edit, and scan images. For those who are looking for a simple application that has a user-friendly interface, Adobe Scan will be the perfect option. And the best part, it can be used on both android and iOS platforms with many languages.

The key features are:

  • Color correction
  • Page restoration
  • Autoflash
  • Text
  • Language recognition
  • Page records
  • Automated scans
  • Many languages
Indian Scanner App

DocScanner Indian Scanner App

For those who are looking for a reliable scanning application for scanning images, documents, receipts, and reports them I will recommend DocScanner. It is one of the best scanning apps build in India for restoring scanned documents as well. You can do rotating and cropping on the images as well.

While using this application you will experience an easy way of scanning documents and changing their size. You can access all the scanned files with few touches as well.

Also, one can add a password to a specific document.

The key features are as follows:

  • File importing
  • Editing
  • File sharing
  • Batch scanning
  • Management
  • Page size
  • Converter
  • Gird layout
  • Various modes
  • Easy to use
  • Search option
  • Scan quality
Indian Scanner App

Microsoft Office Lenses

Sometimes we wanted to capture images from documents, menus, business cards, and whiteboards. The best part of using this application over any other is, it captures images without texts as well. You can scan images and get relatable results within seconds.

There are various factors present on this platform like eliminating shadows and odd angles. One can also export the files on different platforms that make the usage much easier.

Whether you are an android or iOS user you can use this application easily.

The key features are as follows:

  • ID scanner
  • Text editor
  • File sharing
  • PDF conversation
  • OCR feature
  • Image pre recognition
  • Export files

Google PhotoScan

Moving towards the next Indian Scanner App, we have Google PhotoScan in this list standing with its noteworthy performance. You can scan through a phone camera as well and use them on this application. There is a number of editing and filtering options present on this platform that can be controlled modestly.

Also, to improve the quality of the images after scanning it has various digital effects. open Google PhotoScan after clicking pic through phone and scan the image. You can adjust the borders and corners of the image as well.

The key features are as follows:

  • Smart rotation
  • Image stretching
  • Autocorrect
  • Perceptive
  • Correction
  • Many images
  • Adjust reflation
  • Adjust glare
  • Export the file

AIRScanner Indian Scanner App

Last but not least AIRScanner is a well know CamScanner alternative in the market. This application has an AI-powered reader which will help you to know about the images with text. By using this application you can store the scanned file in the phone’s storage direct. However, this application is only available for android users. The developers promise to build an iOS version as well.

Also, you will also see a reading mode. In this mode, the Indian Scanner app scans the text completely and gives relevant results within seconds. You can download it for free.

The key features are:

  • AI reader
  • Sharing of documents
  • Quality images
  • Many images
  • Many languages
  • AI narrator
  • Scanned meaning
  • Share through apps
  • Ease to use
  • Android-based app

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