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Download Jr Typing Tutor and learn Hindi typing on your computer.

This is user-friendly software developed for learning Hindi typing. The function of this software is to provide different exercises for Hindi typing tests. You can practice these exercises and improve the accuracy and speed of your Hindi typing.

Although the software focuses on Hindi you can use several other languages as well.

Compared to other programs Jr Typing Tutor Download is currently one of the best applications for this purpose. The features and performance of this program are exclusive.

In this post, I will review this Jr Typing Tutor 9.33.

You will read different aspects related to Jr Typing Tutor like working, latest version, and features. Also, you can download its latest version from this post. So, read this post till last.

Let’s get started with our topic!

What is Jr Typing Tutor?

This is a Windows-based program developed for practicing Hindi language typing exercises and to improve speed and accuracy in this language.

There is a touch typing trainer in Jr Typing Tutor 9.28 Version, for both English and Hindi language.

This typing trainer offers the simplest and fastest way to analyze contact typing. Developers have made this especially for improving accuracy. You can do more than a hundred exercises on this application.

Another version is version 9.33 which is used by students for typing practice.

Jr Typing Tutor

You must know that many governments, as well as private agencies, demand skillful typing in core languages and they also take typing tests for it.

So, if your goal is to clear any Hindi or English typing then you must practice the exercise presented on Jr Typing Tutor Download. These exercises will help you to learn Hindi typing in a very easy manner.

The last or latest version seen on the program was version 9.77. This version is designed mainly for personal usage.

If the goal is versatile typing with Hindi or English fonts then download the application now.

Languages on Jr Typing Tutor

As I mentioned, this program is major designed for Hindi typing yet, you can type other languages as well. Besides the Hindi language, users can type and learn English as well.

With the exercises in Hindi, you will also get English typing exercises.

Numbers of fonts are present in these two languages.

Also, the program also supports several other languages like Marathi and Punjabi. Yes, you can learn typing in these two languages as well. But, exercises for these languages are not present.

All departments in India including SSC, Court LDC, STAN, CRPF, and much more use this program.

Jr Typing Tutor Features

While using the software you will experience helpful features like:

  • You can calculate DPM and WPM easily.
  • Use this program offline.
  • Use velocity meter.
  • Practice up to 500 paragraphs.
  • Multi-language support is available.
  • Useful for data entry practicing.
  • Have world excel support.
  • Typing instructions are present.
  • Get regular updates.
  • You can use many fonts in languages.
  • Compliable for Windows XP to 8.1.
  • Get a link to download it for free.
  • No internal buy.

 Jr Typing Tutor 9.33 Serial Key Download

With the help of this typing application, you can learn to create fast Hindi typing content.

For preparing English and Hindi tests, this application can use. Besides, working in your native language you can work in both languages with the help of this application. For millions of users all over the world, it is a potentially useful tool.

There is a license key present on the software.

The Jr Typing Tutor 9.33 Serial Key Download brings different exercises for Hindi and English languages.

Jr Typing Tutor

Users can create their own test on this platform and set their goals and difficulty level for the test based on their native language.

In an appropriate Hindi language, keyboard typing includes the formal characters regulated in government agencies.

Get useful Hindi typing keyboard layout on Jr Typing Tutor.

The latest version of Jr Typing Tutor 9.33

The latest version of this program cracked and that may create some problems. Like, if there is a short display of fewer than 800 pixels then you may not use several features.

For redesigns of the main window, the application may reduce the framework.

So, you must have a particular-sized track so you can type without shrinking the actual content.

But, Jr Typing Tutor 9.33 provides an optimal and easier way of Hindi typing.

Download the latest version from this post.

The software is designed especially for the government as well as private sector typing exams preparations. There are more than hindered Hindi and English exercises present on it. You will see Remington GAIL, Krutidev, Devnagri, and other Hindi Unicode-supported inscriptions.

You can also use them for English.

Jr Typing Tutor Download

So, the software is best in this field and now the most asked equation is how to download Jr typing tutor. Well, the latest version is available on the market for free so you have to follow some simple steps.

First, you have to click on the given link and it will take you to the third party website for download.

There you have to search for the set-up file as per your system.

Jr Typing Tutor

Jr Typing Tutor Download the program from the page.

Select the save button and then go to Downloads on your computer. Make sure you don’t have any previous versions in your system. Now, double-click on the setup file.

You have to follow the complete installation process.

Once done, open the software. You can learn Hindi typing for free!


This was my review on Jr Typing Tutor Download.

I hope you have found enough details in this post.

Hindi is the most spoken language in India and also it is the most demanding language in typing industry. Having good skills in Hindi typing can help you in different fields. And for this, you will need a program for sure.

So, I am providing you with highly customizable, easy-to-use software for free.

You can learn Hindi and English typing, use different fonts, as well as a practice about a hundred exercises completely for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Jr Typing Tutor 9.33 Download now! Also, check this Anmol Lipi Punjabi Font & Akruti Software.

In conclusion, you can share your views in the comment section.

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