Leap Office 2000

Download the latest version of Leap Office 2000 for your PC!

Today, get your software for Indian languages that have a hosting environment and tons of amazing features. This is not a regular set-up instead it is a complete interface for your typing purpose.

The program uses a standard SQL database from the industry and non-cloud 4D folders.

Like this information, you will read more about this software in the review of Leap Office 2000. Here I will talk about the functioning and features of this program, also you will read about the latest version and language setup on the program.

Also, you can also download the program.

So, read this review completely.

What is Leap Office 2000?

This is an Android-based application used as a legal practice management program. Leap Office offers unmatched convergences which take in a small law for different roles.

Whatever work you wanted to do, can be tracked on this program easily.

On a single management framework, you can track as well as report the work. The one version of the truth can be worked out on this platform either by an individual or completely by a team.

Leap Office 2000

Putting all the corresponding accounts and records gives a structured working on it.

The legal experience on Leap Office will be beneficial for the customer after a much increase in result efficiency. You can easily spot and solve the problems on the main screen.

Whether you have a lengthy list it can be reorganized or divided into sub-groups and branches in a matter of time. When the data is organized it gives a systematic study.

How to Work on the program

As the software is based on multilingual Indian languages, it is built for many fronts such as giving instances as much as possible to users.

The working of the software is simple.

The multilingual checker of the program works by checking different Indian languages when you type. It checks the grammar as well as all the spellings.

If you have used the previous version of the program then you will find many more new tools.

The latest version of Leap Office

The latest version of the program was developed for office applications in India.

With the collaboration of Mithi.com Pvt. Ltd has been established, currently, its latest version is considered the most advanced version of the LEAP package range of products.

To use Indian languages, the program holds several features making the usage easier.

This was the most advanced version till now!

Download it from this post.

Leap Office 2000 and its need in the market

As I mentioned, this is a practice management legal program that provides unequaled integration among several functions performed in a small law firm. Due to this base, the software has high demand in the law application market.

The other features will discuss in a while.

Leap Office 2000

Whatever works you record or document on the program will get in the unified management system.

This creates one version of trust among the team members.

Indian language software

Yes, Leap Office 2000 was designed to boost the productivity of the customers and it is used for Indian language documentation.

The program offers features to office applications.

In this program, you will see a LEAP Product Line that is highly useful in this field.

Other features range between easiness and interface for Indian language usage. The program also includes many spell checkers, scan and replace, official language dictionaries, keyboard shortcuts, and many more useful features.

You will also find a web keyboard on it.

Users can send e-mails in Indian languages without visiting Publisher. This technology embraced emergency situations. You can also create web pages and other texts using the program.

I will recommend checking the official language dictionaries!

Features on Leap Office 2000

Features of the program are useful extreme for Indian language applications. Several tools increase and boost the efficiency of the user. The major features include keyboard shortcuts, a multilingual spellchecker, an online keyboard, and many more.

The software contains many other useful features and some of them are listed below:

  • Straightforward to use user interface.
  • Dictionary for synonyms is present for users.
  • Can use direct e-mail in Indian languages.
  • Online active keyboard style present.
  • There is a multilingual controller.
  • You can render websites in Indian languages.
  • You can select different keyboard styles.
  • Support at different stages.
  • Easy switch between English and other Indian languages.
  • A very useful program on Windows-based operating systems.
  • Can be downloaded and installed for free.
  • Trusted and used by millions of users.

Software details of Leap Office 2000

Read all software details before buying this software in the year 2022.

  • 45Mb file size.
  • Windows operating system.
  • Filename – Leap Office 2000 exe.
  • At least 4GB RAM is needed.
  • At least 500GB ROM is needed.
  • Intel platinum V processor needed.

How to Leap Office 2000 Download?

The latest version of the software is available on the website. You have to follow some basic steps and then you can use them. Well, to use the program you don’t need to buy anything as this program is free of cost.

Click on the provided link Leap Office 2000 Free Download.

A new tab will get open from where you have to select the set-up file as per your system. Now you have to download it on your windows based operating system, it is free of cost!

Now go to downloads and double click on the downloaded file.

A new window will appear on which you have to click on Next.

Then, agree by clicking on Yes. Again a new window will appear with the Next button, you have to Select All on it. Now finish the installation by clicking on Finish.


This was my review of Leap Office 2000.

I hope you have found the software useful and reliable to your requirements. The program is available for Windows users who work with different Indian languages. It is an all-in-one tool.

You can install its latest version from this post, it is free.

So, make sure to download Leap Office 2000 Free Download now! Also, Read this Exabyte Wifi Adapter Driver, Jr Typing Tutor 9.33 & Anmol Lipi Keyboard.

In conclusion, you can share your views in the comment section.

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