Nudi 6.0 Software

Do you know about Nudi 6.0 Software? If yes, then you must be looking for this tool for your PC. You must be searching for a source to download its latest version. Even if you don’t know much about this tool don’t worry, I will help on this topic by giving a complete review about it.

If you wanted to know about this tool then you have clicked on the right post.

This is a very high in-demand tool available for Windows users that works as a Font converter for the Kannada language.

This means, if you are involved in any Kannada typing then you must read this post till last.

In this post, I will discuss Nudi 6 in brief.

Various aspects of this tool like its working, its usage, key features, and areas to use the tool are listed in this post. Also, you can also download its latest version from this post.

So, let’s get started with our topic!

Introduction of Nudi 6.0 Software

When we are using any typing program, our default language is English. We type in English using the regular English QWERTY keyboard layout.

But sometimes, we want to type in a secondary language.

The secondary language can be Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, as well as Kannada. To type with these languages, one has to download and add more tools to his system.

I have already discussed various tools for other secondary languages.

Nudi 6.0 Software

And today, our topic is Nudi 6 that is more tool for Kannada language typing in Windows. The latest version of this tool can be Nudi 6.0 downloaded and installed from this post.

The more apparatus helps the user to type the Kannada language with different fonts from regular English QWERTY keyboard layout. To use this tool one does not need to install more keyboard setups.

Even if you find any difficulty while using the tool there is a guide present with the software.

I will discuss the steps to download the tool in a while.

Now, typing the Kannada language with an English keyboard has become an easier task! Even beginners can learn the Kannada typing in a week, using this tool only.

Working of Nudi 6.0 Software

The working of this Nudi 6.0 is very forthright, it can be easily installed once, and later you can use it easily.

We have different traditional fonts for the Kannada language on our computer. What Nudi 6 does is, replace that traditional Kannada language with new attractive fonts. But, it does not totally erase them. You can use the old as well as new fonts simultaneously.

Once you will install the latest version of the tool various typing programs of the computer automatically add the tool with them.

While typing, you can use Kannada fonts anytime you want!

Nudi 6.0 Software

The best part of using the tool is, it improves the typing speed as well as typing accuracy of the user. Your typing work will get upgraded with the use of the tool.

Now, if you think about how the Nudi 6.0 software works?

Well, it directly converts the English characters into Kannada ones in different fonts.

When you will type on the English keyboard, the tool will convert the English alphabet into a specific Kannada one. You can select the font as per the base of your content, there are various classic as well as fancy fonts present on it.

The software not only converts the characters but also the alphabets, numbers, symbols, special characters, and many more.

Key Features of Nudi 6.0 Software

Nudi 6.0 software is a very useful tool for computer users who are involved in Kannada typing. The tool holds a very modest interface and brings various exclusive features with it.

I have discussed some of its key features below so make sure to check them.

  • Nudi 6 is an amazing tool for Kannada typing in Windows.
  • Users can install the software offline in their system.
  • Many attractive fonts are available for different purposes.
  • There are various classic as well as fancy fonts in the software.
  • Pre-guide present to solve every issue if faced by the user.
  • Kannada typing can be done with an English QWERTY keyboard.
  • Helps in to prepare for Kannada typing exams as well.
  • There is a user-friendly interface with modest tools.
  • Available for both Windows and Android devices.
  • The latest version is available for free to download.

How to Nudi 6.0 Software Free Download Full Version?

The demand for this tool is very high in the market.

It has been seen that various typing tests were conducted in the Kannada language. Private institutions as well as different government agencies conduct Kannada typing exams. So, if you are preparing for any exams related to this then you can Nudi 6.0 Software Free Download Full Version the tool from this post.

The latest version is very compatible with Windows operating systems. And can Nudi 6.0 Free download be by following these steps?

Step#1 – First, click on the above Download Button.

Step#2 – Another tab will get open.

Step#3 – Now, allow the third-party application to get downloaded.

Step#4 – You have to download the file as per your system.

Step#5 – Wait once the file gets downloaded.

Step#6 – Now go to Downloads on your computer.

Step#7 – Search for the file you have downloaded.

Step#8 – Double click on the downloaded file.

Step#9 – The installation window will appear on the screen.

Step#10 – Complete the installation process.

Step#11 – Once installed, make sure to restart your PC.

Step#12 – Now, open any typing software on the PC.

Step#13 – You can type in the Kannada language with different fonts.


This was my review on Nudi 6.0 Software.

I have discussed all the necessary details about the tool and hope you have found them useful.

The latest version of the tool is free to download and get installed easily from this post. The best part is it can be used on both Android as well as on Windows.

Yes, the version present on it can be downloaded and used in Windows.

But, there is a version of the tool which can be installed on Android smartphones as well. This version is very useful to communicate on different platforms with the Kannada language.

So, download Nudi 6 now! Also, Check this post-Kundli Pro & Nudi 4.0.

In conclusion, make sure to share your views in the comment section.

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