Nudi Software Free Download

In the year 2000, Nudi Software Free Download was developed by one of the known developers Kannada Ganaka Parishat, a non-profit organization from the southern part of India.

The major reason to develop this software is to provide easiness to Kannada typists.

Users who work on MS-word or other MS platforms find it difficult to type with this language as well as the font. But, once this software was provided to users typing Kannada became an easy task.

Nudi Software Free Download

And through this post, I will give detailed information about this software and its latest version.

So, if you have trouble with Micro-soft while typing Kannada then you must download this software. As the regular font does not support efficient typing you have to download this third-party software.

Thus, read this post till last and download the latest version of Nudi Software Free Download.

Shorts Deatils About Nudi Software Free Download

Nudi Software Free Download is used to type the Kannada language on a computer.

It has modest working, straightforward performance, and a simple interface. You can download its various versions to your PC as per your system aspects.

Today, thousands of Kannada typists downloaded and use this software!

Among various versions, the popular ones are Nudi3.0, Nudi4.0, Nudi4.2, Nudi5.0, and Nudi6.0. these versions have already become popular in the South region of India.

The latest version of this Kannada Nudi was developed for Windows 10.

The first version, Nudi4.0 was for Windows10 as well. The fonts present on this software were unique and can be used for various purposes. Database managers used this font a lot.

Nudi Software Free Download

Next, it was about Nudi5.0 and Nudi6.0 these are both versions developed by Kannada Ganaka Parishat. It was also popular as a non-profit organization as it comes under the government of Karnataka.

These versions are popular for data coding.

The latest version was Nudi6.0 which was compliable with most of the Windows. It was unique and can use on many systems. Also, this version does not bring any bug or issue to the work, so you will be experiencing errorless working as well.

But, with time this version became low-end.

Now, Nudi Software Free Download Nudi is trending in the market.

This version has very premium features, which it provides all for free. But to use its original version, one has to buy the license and then download it on his/her PC.

Nudi 4.0 Software

Nudi 4.0 Download for Windows 10 was developed by the Kannada Ganaka Parishat it is a non-profit organization. Most of the fonts included with Nudi can be used for dynamic font embedding purposes however since the fonts and software are available freely they can be used in other situations as well for example database management.

Nudi 4.0 Software which is used for writing in the Kannada language, has almost all the features that users want. This is the reason why it has emerged to be the best software for writing Kannada scripts.

Features of Nudi Software Free Download

Kannada typists will definitely find this software useful as it holds many features required while typing. It includes most of the features a user looks for and with an effective working.

This became a positive reason to shift on this software.

So, if you want new software for your PC then try Nudi Software Free Download. It also holds the features listed below.


Everyone looks for simple and straightforward software to work on, a complicated one makes the working slower. Nudi Software has a very user-friendly interface that allows users to work more effectively.

Graphical edge

This software is designed in a way that both beginners and professionals can use it. The beginners can learn Kannada typing from the software and professionals can upgrade to its premium version and explore more features.

Grammar correction

What most users find tough is, having a lot of grammar mistakes special while typing in a secondary language. But, you don’t have to worry about this aspect because Nudi Software Free Download comes with an automatic grammar correction feature that corrects grammatical mistakes very fast.

Spelling checker

Another con user face while typing the Kannada language is a lot of spelling mistakes. While typing another language from the English keyboard results in a lot of spelling mistakes. To overcome this issue, the software comes with a spelling checker feature.

Exclusive fonts

There are various fonts present in this software that make it a versatile program. It has 20-25 different fonts which can be used for different purposes. One can use it for databases, social media, letters, emails, and other media content.

Premium features

There are two versions present for this Nudi Software. One is for beginners which has learning features and comes free of cost. The other one paid that included exclusive features and was designed for professionals.

Ease of usage

Where most of the complication found is while using any more software. But Nudi Software Free Download is very easy to use. There is a graphic user-friendly interface present for the users that helps them to understand overall working.

Compatibility with devices

The latest version of this software is high compliable with most of the systems. You can use it on Windows (XP to 10). But, make sure to check the smallest system requirements as well.

Free of cost

There is various software present for this purpose but most of them charge for their service. But, Nudi Software Free Download is available and can download for free. However, for the premium features one has to upgrade it with a paid license. But still, the free version is up to the mark for basic use.

How to download Nudi Software Free Download?

Users and typists who wanted to download the latest version of this Nudi Software Free Download can follow the listed step below. But, make sure to check the smallest system needed and then download the Kannada Nudi as per your PC.

Step#1 – Click on the provided Green download Button.

Step#2 – You will reach the specific website.

Step#3 – Now, download the free version of Nudi Software.

Step#4 – Check the system requirements first. I will also share system requirements in the previous heading.

Step#5 – Once downloaded, go to Downloads Section for Getting File.

Step#6 – Double click on the set-up file.

Step#7 – Now, add the software by following simple steps.

Step#8 – Re-start your PC for safe use.

Step#9 – Open any typing software and enjoy Kannada typing.

Minimum system requirements

As I mentioned earlier the latest version of Kannada Nudi Software Free Download is compliable with most of the operating systems, it is also necessary to know the smallest system requirements by it. Make sure you hold these requirements before downloading the set-up file.

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Hard Disk: 500MB


Processor: Intel Pentium or above


This was my review on Nudi Software Free Download.

The software is specially designed for PC users who engaged with Kannada language typing. It holds amazing features and a straightforward interface to use. The basic version can be downloaded for free from this post.

So, make sure to Nudi Software Free Download it now! Also, Check this Bangla Word & Shruti Font.

In conclusion, I hope you have found this post useful. If yes, then make sure to share your views in the comment section.

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