Pagemaker 6.5

Do you know about Pagemaker 6.5? This page maker is becoming one of the best in its field, a lot of users are trying to download its latest version and wanted to use it. However, It is becoming quite difficult to find its latest version.

In this post, I am going to review this platform.

Here you are going to read a lot about this page maker, the introduction, working, keys or environments of the page maker, and a lot more. So I will recommend reading this post completely.

So, let’s get a move to our topic!

Some Details About of Pagemaker 6.5

This is an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 Free Download that is highly popular and also counted as the world’s leading cross-platform professional layout software. Basic, this is designed for producing publications that have different combinations of graphics and texts.

You will see very rich facilities on page maker through which you can import text and other artworks.

Pagemaker 6.5

One can generate artwork and text from other computers directly from the platform. The reason why this platform is better than PhotoShop and Illustrator is that it gives the user flexibility to control overall work like graphic and word processors.

There is a number of amazing features present on this page maker, which will be discussed in a while.

Keep reading the post as I am going to talk about the working and the key environmental features of Pagemaker 6.5.

How to Work on Pagemaker 6.5

Well, the working of this page maker is very modest and straightforward, anyone can easily use the page maker. Even if you are new to this it requires 4-5 days to understand all functions. As it is an Adobe PageMaker published as a desktop and computer program in 1985 by Aldus Corporation.

This is an amazing combination of Macintosh’s graphical user interface and PageMaker software.

Apple LaserWriter the other publisher of this PageMaker showed a great revolution in the beginning era. Pagemaker 6.5 helped to popularize both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. However, there was a key part behind the success of this page maker.

Pagemaker 6.5

The native support of Adobe Systems is page description language led to the success of this version.

Version 6 was the program that remained a major force in high-end DTP in the market. However, they bought up upgraded features to match the requirements and functions of the users. The last release was from 2001 where they came up with an amazing design and low-cost feature.

Below I have talked about the release of the version of this page maker.

Every Versions of Adobe Pagemaker 6.5

There were different versions released for PageMaker, the first one was Aldus PageMaker 1.0 that released in 1985 for IBM PC and the last version was Aldus PageMaker 7.0 that released in 2001. It was the final version that supports two different platforms.

  • Aldus PageMaker 1.0 released in 1985.
  • Aldus PageMaker 1.2 released in 1986.
  • PageMaker 2.0 released in 1987.
  • Aldus PageMaker 3.0 released in 1988.
  • Aldus PageMaker 4.0 released in 1990.
  • PageMaker 5.0 released in 1993.
  • Aldus PageMaker 6.0 released in 1995.
  • Aldus PageMaker 6.5 released in 1996.
  • PageMaker 7.0 released in 2001.

Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 Interface

Starting from Menu Bar, it contains the menu options like File, Element, Layout, and other tools. Then you will see the Ruler on the top left of the page that will help you to the precise position of the cursor. Continuing with Master Page Icon shows the master pages’ position, it contains layout, text, graphics, and settings.

And the last two options are Page Icon and Plasterboard.

Now, let’s see more tools present on the Pagemaker 6.5 that can be found under various options.

File Menu

  • New
  • Open
  • Save
  • Revert
  • Place
  • Acquired
  • Export

Edit Menu

  • Paste Multiples
  • Paste Special
  • Insert Object
  • Edit Story

Layout Menu

  • Sort Pages
  • Column Guides
  • Auto Flow

Type Men

  • Define Style

Element Menu

  • Frame
  • Align Objects
  • Link Options

Utilities Menu

  • Plug-ins

View Menu

  • Display Master Items
  • Display Non-Printing Items

Window Menu

  • Show Tools
  • Show Control Palette
  • Colors Show
  • Show Styles
  • Layers Shows
  • Show Master Pages
  • Show Hyperlinks

Available Features

I have used Pagemaker 6.5 and found highly useful features besides the tools. If you are going to download this version to then you must read the features as you will be going to see them while using the platform.

Easier Interface

The fresh concept of frames of the PageMaker 6.5 setup free download allows the system to hold any sort of text or image on the layout. It became more flexible in terms of layout and frame control.

Document Layers

With the help of document layers, one can place layers again and again on the layout. You can understand it with sheets stacked up one on top of another, these layers can be placed temporarily and hidden as well. You can use the layers for floating backgrounds.

Color Controls

This version has unique color technology, by using it you can reproduce high fidelity colors in publications. You will also see new desktop color separation color and an international consortium of standards. It is used for sharing device profiles.

Better Integration

Pagemaker 6.5 works flawlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator. While using it you will find drag and drop images and elements tool as well, this is present on the screen and can be used to add elements directly.


Now with the latest version, one can export the PageMaker documents to the Internet. By creating HyperText Markup Language files you can easily create links or convert the document into GIF or JPG format files.

Pagemaker 6.5 Free Download

If you find the Download link of this Pagemaker 6.5. Check below Download Button they will redirect to the official site of Adobe Pagemaker then you will easily find every latest and old version of Pagemaker Software. Also, you can get Pagemaker 6.5 Free Download Full Version for 64 bit because at this time many people need this variant software.

Note – If you find a Tutorial video for Installing and Setup of this Pagemaker 6.5 free download. check my below video they will help in the setup of this software within just a few minutes.

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Questions about Pagemaker 6.5 with Answer.

Question – What is the latest PageMaker?

Answer – PageMaker 7.0 running on Mac OS 9 is latest pagemaker.

Question – Will PageMaker run on Windows 10?

Answer – Since Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 was designed to work with an older platform, we cannot guarantee that it will run smoothly with Windows 10.

Question – Can I use PageMaker in Windows 10?

Answer – Simply assume that PageMaker won’t work on Windows 10 and you will be safe. Adobe never officially supported PageMaker on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Question – How do I open a P65 file?

Answer – P65 files can be opened by PageMaker 6.5 or 7.0. 

Question – What replaced Adobe PageMaker?

Answer – Adobe InDesign is the replacement for PageMaker.

Question – What is a text block in PageMaker?

Answer – A text block contains the text you type, paste, or import. 

Question – What is the purpose of PageMaker?

Answer – Adobe PageMaker is a software application that enables individuals and groups to create and edit publications.


This was my review on Pagemaker 6.5.

This is one of the best versions of PageMaker and is used by millions of users. It holds amazing features and tools one needed while using. Also, it also works with Illustrator, Photoshop, and the Internet that means you can create documents and share them easily with a few clicks.

So, Pagemaker 6.5 Free Download from the official site now! Also, Check Cen Tech Code Reader Updates, Battlestate Games LauncherPokemon Game MakerPictek Gaming Mouse Software & Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software, Article in Software Category Section.

In conclusion, I hope you have found this post useful share your views in the comment section as well.

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