Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

If you are a true gamer then you must check out Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. This amazing application will defiantly change your overall gaming software.

This software is counted as one of the best gaming mouse for PC gamers.

Gamers who have Windows, Linux OS, or Mack OS can download and install this application easily. If you have Windows among XP or 10 you must download and try this application for sure.

It is very compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit Mac OS.

Well in this post I am going to review Pictek Gaming Mouse Software. Here you will read about its major aspects through which you can enhance your gaming experience. Also, you can download this software by following basic steps.

The latest version is listed in this post.

All you have to do is, read this post completely and download the software.

So, let’s get started!

Mouse Software with Rapid Moment

This very rapid working mouse software can be set with 7200 DPI. By doing this you will get great advantages over your opponent’s terms of command and sensitivity, the faster your reaction time will the more you have chances to win.

Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

The DPI can be adjusted for sure with two buttons. It has light color that will say which DPI it is, this comes by default.

Flash red shows 1200 DPI, Flash blue shows 2400 DPI, Green shows 3500 DPI, Flash purple shows 5500 DPI, and Flash blue also shows 7200 DPI.

Attractive Cool LED Lights

The user will get sixteen million color options for the backlight setting.

But, the fault colors will be five only but the others can be set by installing the software. Use can personalize the DPI color as he or she wants.

This is a very amazing aspect for gamers that will enhance their gameplay experience.

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Factors in Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

The user can see a number of useful factors in the game. The key ones are High Precision and Programmable buttons, they are widely used aspects in the software.

Let’s understand them more briefly.

High Precision

As I said, this aspect will change your complete gaming experience and take it to a high level. The four polling rates present on this software are easily adjustable.

These are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.

Having these polling rates on your gaming software will make sure you experience smooth and high-speed gameplay. This means it will affect the character’s moment.

So you can enjoy the games. It is best for PC and Laptop gaming.

Programmable Buttons

Now when you have great character speed control we should move towards our next factor, which is programmable buttons. Keep reading this post to know more about this feature.

Well, there are seven different buttons on this mouse.

Yes, compared to a regular mouse you will get five more buttons. This will allow you to play more comfortably.

These seven different buttons can be set for seven different functions.

Once you install the software you can set each button for a particular function. Also, the user can customize the mouse. This is a very useful factor when we wanted to fit the gameplay based on self-requirements as a gamer.

For this, you have to use macro editing.

Programmable buttons are the most appreciated factor at Pictek Gaming Mouse Software.

Features of Pictek Gaming Mouse Software

While using this application the user will experience several interesting features. The key ones are listed below, check them out now!

Adjustable settings

The gamer can easily adjust DPI buttons to instantly match mouse speed, it will affect different gaming scenarios with a one-press button on top of the wired gaming mouse. Every time you will experience perfect gaming sensitivity and smooth control on the speed. It is the best software under this value.

LED light modes

The logo and roller backlight will change automatically into four different lighting modes. But, you cannot turn off the LED lights. The four attractive colors are blue, green, red, and purple. This feature brings visual enhancement to your gameplay.

Comfortable design

The symmetry and design of Pictek Gaming Mouse Software are very comfortable and skin-friendly. It is one of the best gaming mice that provides a claw grip design so you can use it in long term without fatigue. For casual gamers, it is an excellent gaming mouse.

Wide compatibility

Another useful feature you will be going to see on this software is wide compatibility. This means it is very simple to use. No additional firmware is required for installation, it supports most of the Windows Operating System and Mac OS. It is fit for notebooks, PC and laptops as well.


Pictek Gaming Mouse Software has a lifespan of 5, 000, 000 clicks! The buttons present on this mouse are neat and rebound for the great feedback. The high-quality USB interface has a 1.6-meter durable rubber cable that can take pulls for sure.

RGB effect

About sixteen million cool RGB light effects can be seen on this mouse. They are set for the backlight setting to match the style of any gamer and his environment. It has ABS material and intricate polish for an attractive look. This also increases the reliability of the mouse for years.

How to download Pictek Gaming Mouse Software?

Pictek is a good brand that is doing a great job of bridging the difference between gaming mice and affordability. On an average budget, you can still download and install this application from the official website.

Check the price of this mouse software on the official site or click on the given link.

From this, you can download the software!


This was my review on Pictek Gaming Mouse Software.

I hope you have found the details you were looking for, this gaming mouse software is very useful for gamers. It will total enhance the overall gameplay.

What are you waiting for, download Pictek Gaming Mouse Software now! And Also Check this Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse SoftwareQuest Soft Player, Akruti SoftwareAnu Script Manager Article in Software Category Section.

In conclusion, you can share your views on this mouse in the comment section!

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