Pokemon Game Maker

A lot of users are looking for Pokemon Game Maker. It is a very unique and interesting application in the market with thousands of regular users. This application is searched by many daily, users are looking for third-party websites to download this application and start using this on their smartphones.

But what is this application is all about? Or what does it do to Pokemon Game Creator?

Well, in this post I am going to review this application and talk about its key concepts like the working of this application, its performance, and its major features which can be useful for the users. Also, I will also list steps and a link to download the latest version of this application for free.

Pokemon Game Maker

As we know that gaming industry has shown a great rise in the last few years.

People love to play games in their free time and experience quality gaming. Today, we have thousands of games available for use in one touch. However, the new era of gamers is taking the gaming industry to a level up.

Today, gamers and other users are showing interest in game-making more than playing.

Among different kinds of games, Pokemon is a very popular game that originated from Asian countries and is appreciated by all over the world. This game holds amazing aspects for gamers.

But, today I am not going to talk about the gameplay of this game. Instead, we will discuss Pokemon Game Maker.

So, let’s move to our topic.

Introduction of Pokemon Game Maker

Pokemon Game Maker is also known as RPG maker is an android based application developed for android Pokemon gamers. The major purpose of building this application was to provide the user ability to his or her own original RPG.

This application launched in 2000 where before it was also used as an RPG maker for other games.

Within a few months, this application has shown great results in the market and overtaken its competitors because of its interface and graphics capabilities. The more you will use this application the more you become a fan of its data packing, combat screen style, and other features as well.

Also, the latest version of this Game Maker Pokemon has some interesting aspects like brand-new scripting. This feature is very useful and added on the basis of common requests.

For those who are beginners, Pokemon Game Maker is a good option!

What are the more aspects of this RPG maker let’s understand them as well?

About Pokemon Game Editor

Well, Pokemon game editor is not so different from Pokemon Game Maker. It is an all-in-one platform launched in 2010 to hack the advanced games present on Game Boy. By the Advance games, I meant Pokemon games.

This application is very commonly known as PGE.

Pokemon Game Maker

Within one year this application was appreciated and downloaded by more than sixty thousand users from all over the world.

There are number of copycat systems seen as well that lead to their motto Accept no limitation. Currently, Visual Studio 2017 is creating this software on VB.Net.

Now when you know enough about this application, it’s time to know the make ur own pokemon game.

Game Making Process

Well, the complete tutorial of the game making is available on Pokemon Game Creator.

The user has to only download the software and open it. Then he has to search for the tutorial, the simple and basic interface of this application makes the game-making process an easier task.

Once you open the tutorial you will see all the tools on the main menu.

Thus, creating a game becomes convenient on this application for both beginners and intermediates. But, if you are a professional then you can download more files and add them to this software.

Other Deatils of Game

This version is pretty old compared to any other game-making profile.

But, the features present on the package which I am going to discuss in a while are very useful for game building. This package is completely independent and can use on the third party only.

You can download the Pokemon game maker engine through this post for free.

Pokemon Kit

Pokemon Game Maker holds an interesting package known as Pokemon kit. This package includes a wide range of graphics sheets for the game that will help you to fully build your own map. You can edit them through Photoshop and add PNG-based files as well.

When you apply 649 Pokemon you will see upcoming Gen 6 and 7 mons, these resources are already in work.

Also, the RPGXP engine has a combat system for the game.

Other aspects like breeding, shopping, fishing, EV training are present on this Pokemon kit as well. Now it’s time to look at the features of this software.

Features of Pokemon Game Maker

There is a number of useful features present on this application, the key ones listed as follows.

  • The user can build custom Pokemon with sprites of followers and shiny models.
  • Instead of surfing, you can make a Surfboard for moving the waves.
  • The user can destruct half of the area and still have the other half to play.
  • Noir murder mystery can built as well inside the game.
  • Also, you can recreate Snag Ball from the N64 game to capture the Pokemons.

How to download Pokemon Game Maker?

This software is available on the link for free. Follow the given steps below and download it on your windows.

  • Click on the given DOWNLOAD Button.
  • Once it gets downloaded-go to the Downloads section present on your computer.
  • Now double click on the set-up file.
  • The software will get installed.
  • Open the software and start creating the game.
  • You can follow the tutorials as well.

Frequently Ask Question/Answer

Some Important Questions about Pokemon Game Maker with Answer.

Question Can I make my own Pokemon game?

Answer All you need to start your own Pokémon card game is paper and pens. Even if you’re not willing to draw the cards, you can print out artwork from fan sites and other free online resources.

Question Can I make a free Pokemon game?

Answer Yes, but it’s still a legal gray area. The simple answer to this is you can’t. Because all the assets and probably also the name has a copyright by game freak to it. 

Question Are fan-made Pokémon games illegal?

Answer In this case, a Pokémon fan game would, by its nature and design, consist almost entirely of Nintendo’s intellectual property. So, yes, a Pokémon fan game is most likely illegal regardless of noncommercial intent.

Question Is there a free version of RPG Maker?

Answer Try RPG Maker free for 30 DAYS! Download one of the FREE TRIALS below and get started on your project now.

Question Is Pokemon made in RPG Maker?

Answer Pokémon Essentials is a pre-fanmade RPG Maker XP game project that is designed to be edited to create a role-playing game with the game mechanics of the main series Pokémon games. Many RPG Maker games were made using this project.


This was my review on Pokemon Game Maker.

Above I have discussed the basic aspects of this software and now it is clear that you must try this application for building a Pokemon game.

So download Pokemon Game Maker now! And Also Download Pictek Gaming Mouse Software & Blackweb RGB Gaming Mouse Software, Quest Soft PlayerAkruti SoftwareAnu Script Manager Article in Software Category Section.

In conclusion, you can share your views in the comment section as well.

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