Prince of Persia Game Download for PC

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Prince of Persia Game Download

The game’s story focuses on the Prince and his quest to rescue his beloved donkey Farah.

The Prince is forced to go on the run when he meets Elika, a princess who has magical powers. The prince is forced to save Elika from the forces of Ahriman, the God of Darkness, which has plagued the Kingdom of the Ahuras for generations.

To get the best out of it, you will need to master the art of navigating these challenges.

And as a bonus, you can use the Elika character to perform a wide range of combat moves to defeat enemies.

The combat in Prince of Persia is different from the Sands of Time trilogy. The game features sword and gauntlet attacks. Elika has magic abilities that can be combined with acrobatic skills. Acrobatic skills are important for switching places and doing damage.

The game ends with the Mourning King freeing Ahriman to revive Elika.

In this post, you will read all about this game. And Prince of Persia Game Download for PC as well. So, read this post till last and know all about this amazing game.

The gameplay of Prince of Persia Download

If you’ve ever wondered about the prince of Persia gameplay, you’re not alone.

Many gamers are interested in seeing how the game plays, and we’re here to help! Check out the following video for some tips and tricks! This isn’t the end of Prince of Persia’s gameplay!

Prince of Persia Game Download

We’ll also show you how to get the best experience from the game! Keep reading to learn more!

The game is set in ancient Persia, and the player takes the role of a mysterious Prince.

The game is supposed to be the story of a wandering prince who stumbles upon a mythical city. The city is named for the Tree of Life, which is the seat of the evil god Ahriman.

After a cosmic struggle, the god of darkness is locked within the Tree of Life. Elika, the princess, must find a way to free herself from the tower and marry Jaffar within two hours.

How to Win on Prince of Persia Game?

If you’ve been unable to get enough of the Prince of Persia games, you’ve wondered how to win them. The good news is that there are many ways to win these games, and these tips can help you get the most out of them.

You’ll be able to enjoy the adventures of this ancient country in no time.

The game is based on the popular book series by Jordan Mechner.

While the Prince of Persia franchise has been around for over 20 years, this particular game was released in 1989 for the Apple IIe.

Jordan Mechner, the developer of the original series, made sure to incorporate various storylines into this release.

The game’s antagonist was a tough and interesting opponent, and the sidekick element made it even more interesting.

But even with these improvements, the original game is still one of the most popular princes of Persia games, so you’re bound to find a lot of ways to play it.

As with the previous Prince of Persia pc game download, the Warrior Within game also features freeform combat mechanics. Players can use a wide variety of weapons to fight their enemies.

They’ll also have access to ranged attacks and special moves. There’s also an added bonus of puzzles in this game, which you’ll have to solve to complete the objectives.

Play Battlestate Games Launcher for PC.

There’s also a cooperative mode, which allows you to play against a single enemy at a time.

What do you see in Prince of Persia?

In the midst of this conflict, he sees the destruction of the Tree of Life, which threatens the world. The resulting black substance, “The Corruption,” contaminates the ground and the sky.

As a result, the Prince of Persia must team up with the enigmatic Princess Elika to save the world from the ultimate evil.

As we see in the latest Prince of Persia game, Ubisoft has some interesting plans for the series.

According to credible insider Tom Henderson, a second game in the series is currently in development. It will feature a new storyline and be a 2.5D game and will be inspired by Ori games.

The storyline of the first game is still the most compelling, so expect to be amazed at the game’s storyline and gameplay.

Different Parts of Prince of Persia Free Download

You will find information about the Battles of Prince of Persia, Sands of Time, Warrior Within, and Princess parts of this game. And You will also learn about the storyline, characters, and other important details in the game.

You will be able to find the answer to your question faster if you read on.

Battles of Prince of Persia

Battles of Prince of Persia is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS.

The game focuses on strategic battles between you and your fellow players.

Whether you’re trying to save the kingdom from the evil King Behrok or take down the mysterious and powerful Queen Nefertiti, the game’s strategic gameplay is sure to keep you busy for hours.

Also to its turn-based strategy gameplay, Battles of Prince of Persia incorporates elements of a collectible card game. Each card contains a magical effect and a number based on the number of orders you can give within an hour.

The game is divided into turn-based hours.

The game ends when both players pass. There are nine playable characters, as well as 27 units.

Prince of Persia Game Download

Sands of Time

The Sands of Time in Prince of Persia is a video game developed by Ubisoft.

The game was released for the PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance in March and April 2003. Microsoft Windows and Xbox versions were released in November 2003.

The game is a sequel to the popular Prince of Persia series that has received critical acclaim since its release.

But before we get to the game’s main plot, let’s examine the history of the series.

The story behind the Sands of Time in the prince of Persia game free download for pc is a familiar one. The gods once unleashed a great sandstorm to destroy humanity, moved by the sacrifice of a young girl.

The young girl’s sacrifice in the name of humanity moved the gods enough to trap the Sands of Time in a huge sandglass. Tamina has taken on the role of guardian of the dagger the gods gave her, which can pierce the sandglass and take the wielder back in time.

Warrior Within

Warrior Within Prince of Persia is a good sequel to the acclaimed Sands of Time game.

Its gameplay is less linear and more open than the previous installment, with puzzles and revamped environments requiring the player to jump from one platform to the next.

The game requires the Prince to navigate through a mechanical tower and a garden environment to complete a quest. You should know How to Hack your Wifi Password.

There are also portals and hidden treasure chests that can be accessed by the Prince.

The storyline in Warrior Within takes place several years after the events of Sands of Time.

After releasing the Sands, the Prince is being hunted by the Dahaka, a massive dark warrior who serves fate. The Prince is tired of running from the Dahaka and sets out for the Island of Time, where he can finally stop the Empress from creating Sands of Time.


The game’s storyline is a deep one, and it does not rely on graphics as its sequels do.

The game revolves around taking down creatures from the Sand of Time, a mysterious evil unleashed by the Vizier.

The game’s sequel, Sands of Time: The Warrior Within, is highly anticipated. It is a combination of story, graphics, and animation, and is set in the ancient city of Persia.

The game has 39 save points, and its game progress is organized by save points. It takes about ten hours to complete the game.

Luckily, the walkthroughs follow each save point. These save points help players track their progress in the game. The story follows the actions of the Prince as he battles the dark lord Ahriman.

Escape on a ship

The story of the game starts when an unknown adventurer tries to escape from his palace and ends up on a merchant ship.

He has vowed to find the Princess and return to her kingdom but is not sure which enemy to face or how to defeat them.

The plot of the game begins after the protagonist is chased by a black mass with tentacles.

He fights with the monster and kills it in combat. Kaileena then runs away from the Prince, and he gets on a ship to escape to the Island of Time. On board, the ship is full of enemies sent by the Empress of Time.

The journey takes him on a journey through time and space.

Reunion with the Princess

The sequel to Reunion with the Princess of Prince of Persia continues with a new storyline. After the end of the first game, the prince is back in the city and must fight against the Dark

Prince slowly corrupts him. The story revolves around the events that lead to his return to the city.

Yet, there is a twist at the end that ties the second part of the game to the first one.

Dastan is not born a prince of royal blood, but he was adopted by King Sharman from the street. His courage and fighting spirit win him the heart of the King.

He also possesses the courage to go up against his brothers. After a successful battle, Dastan and his brothers find out that the Holy City of Alamut is selling weapons to the enemies of Persia.

The Persian army then follows him to the city, assuming that it is supplying weapons to the enemies.

In the process, they find a mysterious dagger that Dastan keeps as a trophy.

New Versions of Prince of Persia Free Download

The next part of the game involves the Prince of Persia Free Download himself. The game is based on the mythology of the ancient Persian country. In this tale, the God of Light Ormazd is in conflict with the God of Evil Ahriman.

While the Prince of Persia game was a hit for Sony PlayStation in 2007, the series also inspired a major film franchise.

A remake of the 2003 game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was later released in 2014.

Despite the complaints, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is one of the best games ever created. It combines the classic gameplay of the first two games with the advanced technology of newer titles.

Its unbeatable gameplay, stunning graphics, and heart-tugging storyline make it one of the best games of the Playstation 2 generation.

You’ll definitely want to play the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time if you’re interested in learning more about the game.

In the meantime, the player must fight corruption, free the princess, and save the world.


The game can be challenging, but it will definitely keep you entertained for hours!

While the graphics and combat mechanics of the Prince of Persia game Download for PC are not the best in the world, they are certainly impressive for a platformer. The game is extremely difficult and has levels of difficulty.

You can earn various achievements as you progress through the game. You can even rewind the time to get to a place where you’re supposed to be! If you have found this game exciting. Then check out Isis Proteus 7.7.

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