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Do you want to extend text-based games? Well, modern tech allows you to do so whereas earlier we have to face a number of technical and resource problems to perform this activity. With the ease of network, we can do this with few clicks. Many additional or third-party applications came forward for this work. But I suggest the best Quest Soft Player.

Among many, Quest Soft Player is one. Those who are looking for the full version they can get it from this website. To Download Quest Soft Player Full Version Free keep reading this post.

Quest Soft Player

Well in this post I will review this soft player and discuss its few aspects. What is a quest soft player? How quest soft player used? What are the technical details of a quick soft player? What are the least requirements of a quick soft player? And what can be its alternative? These questions will be answered in this post.

Also, I will also list the latest version of this soft player. As it is not available on any other app platform, you have to use a third-party website and in your case, this website will be your third-party platform.

So for the full details, I will recommend reading this post till last.

Let’s start with our topic!

Short Introduction of Quest Soft Player

Basic, Quest Soft Player is a part of software yes it is not completely software instead it is a part of the software. You have to only download a part of it that not only saves your resources but data as well.

If you have searched it online then you must be aware of its performance. But, for those who don’t know about its major work well this soft player allows the user to develop text-based games. Being a beginner I will recommend using this soft player for creating text games.

Users may also know it as an open-source program for creating interactive fiction.

Wanted to crate gamebooks or adventures gamers? Check out qsp Player and make it happen!

The best part about this soft player is it doesn’t demand high programming knowledge from the user. Whatever you wanted to do about your game will be shown in modest language. Also, you can also use the tutorials.

Now those who have already used this soft player and wanted to try any other one can check out Visual Studio 2010.

I will discuss alternatives in a while. But now have a look at its working.

Working of Quest Soft Player

There are millions of users on Quest Soft Player who work on this platform regularly.

Users know this platform as a text-based game development framework. This means it is used to develop text games or gamebooks. Also, there is a preference for a choice-based user interface, which means a user can create a parser game as well.

There is a cross-platform player as well that is commonly known as a game development tool.

Valery ‘Byte’ Argunov established this community. It is called Russian Community that is very large and prosperous.

Quest Soft Player

The best part about this soft player is it can use on Windows, Android, Windows CE/Mobile Widows, Sony PSP, Linux, Unix, BeOS, Pocket Book, MacOs, and many more platforms.

This shows the flexibility of this application.

Another aspect about Quest Soft Player is it is GPLv2 approved! There are some utilities and libraries of this application that are licensed by LPGLv2.

Here, AeroQSP shell’s QSP flavor is high famous for creating Flash games.

Now when you understood the working of this application then you must want to know how much potential does it holds. Well, let’s discuss this below.

Making Quest Soft Player

Those who don’t know about the potential of this application for them let me highlight that it holds amazing factors in this industry.

Here you can use a lot of attractive features at the same time while having a simple built-in soft player.

If you are known for HTML and Javascript then you can use or build your own interface. To feel your game and make it personalized you can customize its various aspects.

Also, the user can build or distribute advanced functionality libraries as well!

Well, Quest Soft Player is licensed under Microsoft Public License. This factor allows the user to download or change the source code of this player. One can also use it in closed source commercial applications.

It’s time to discuss to look at some technical information of this application.

Technical Details

First of all, the full name of this software is qsp570 the same set-up file has the name. The best part is it comes under a very compact size that is 3Mb only.

If you are using this first time it will be an offline set-up installer.

The compatibility architecture of this application is 32-Bit (x86)/64-Bit (x64). But, the updates are not done on regular basis. Freeware holds its license and the developers are Quest Soft.

Now talking about the least system requirements, you must have Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or 10.

The Hard Disk space required is 500 GB and the RAM required is 2 GB only. There is also an alternative to Quest Soft Player. Keep reading to know about it.

Also, Intel Pentium or above will be enough for it.

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For QSP games there is an Alternative player.

The user interface of this alternative is written in Qt. Sonnix is also its author. One can work here seamlessly with the odds one. Also, the saved games are interchangeable.

While using this application one will also find the features like original settings.

Also, there are a lot of extra options.

Using the HTML Code one can allow the display of the current page. The last download can be done automatically as well.


This was my review on Quest Soft Player.

I hope you have found this review useful with all the details you were looking for. Now, it’s your turn to download and install this application on your PC.

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In conclusion, you can share your personal views in the comment section.

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