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If you are looking for a professional program for Tamil Astrology then you have clicked on the right post. I will provide you with astrology software in the Tamil language for free.

Not every software present in the market brings appropriate and accurate predictions in the astrology category. Even if you get one…it will have a premium plan needed to purchase before using it. But there are some programs like Tamil Jathagam Software that are available for free.

A program like this helps you in this field without charging any amount.

So, in this post, I will review Tamil Jathagam Software and talk about its key aspects. You will read about the working and major features of this program. Also, you can download it for free from this post. So, read this post till last.

Let’s get starter with our topic.

What is Tamil Jathagam Software?

This is a Windows-based program that works as astrology software in the Tamil language.

For the working purpose of forecasting and future predictions, you must be looking for straightforward software with several features. It is also important that you use those features for free because prediction is not done only for one time.

With time, you have future ideas and outcomes.

And for this, you need a Windows operating system-based program that can predict an accurate future with the least details.

Tamil Jathagam Software

For this, there are different software present in the online market.

But, for the Tamil language, the list becomes very short.

So, I came up with this amazing Tamil Jathagam Software Free Download that fulfills all the needs in this field with its advanced working and cost-free services.

Currently, thousands of users have an account on this software and use it for accurate results.

Know the working of Tamil Jathagam Software

Tamil Jathagam Software Free Download contains both predictions and calculations.

When you enter your basic details it starts working, I have listed its usage below so check it as well.

The program will provide you with chart formats in North Indian and South Indian categories. It gives the required horoscope on individual bases.

The software contains a large database of cities from all over the world.

Numbers of ayanamsa settings such as Lahiriayanamsa, ChitraPakshaayanamsa, Raman ayanamsa, and many more are included in this program. It also includes Panchang predictions and detailed Bhava predictions which are influenced and are based on planets for your personality.

How to use Tamil Jathagam Software?

Using this software is very simple for an experienced user, but, if you are new to this field then you can read the guide and learn from the tutorials. These guides will help you in using them.

The software is used regularly in South India parts.

Tamil Jathagam Software

To create predictions and horoscopes you have to enter some basic details like full name, date of birth, time of birth, and others. After a few calculations, it will give accurate results. The charts and outcomes will be in the Tamil language as the program is based on it only.

So, if you don’t know the Tamil language then you can check any other reliable software.

Tamil Jathagam Software Features

There are many useful features present in the software. Some of them are listed below.

  • Windows-based software is reliable for many activities.
  • Trusted source for astrology and prediction.
  • Provide birth chart and birth equilibrium.
  • You can use several tools for various purposes.
  • Works on the smallest individual details.
  • Give fast and accurate outcomes with solutions.
  • Used by millions of users all over the world.
  • Best astrology software in the Tamil language.
  • Available and can use for free.

Tamil Jathagam Software for Professionals

The application is designed for professionals and experienced users!

Because the tools and features present on it are highly advanced and one has to know basic details about using an astrology program. But, even if you have started you’re working as a beginner still you can use the software because it comes with pre-installed tutorials.

Tamil Jathagam Software

While using the program if you face any issue you can solve it online or read the guide present on it.

The Astro-version game provides a free machine for this purpose.

Creating family trees and charts with customization is a key feature of this software. I will discuss other features in a while. Till, download Tamil Jathagam Free.

Prediction and Dasa

Prediction refers to the future comes which will be going to happen in life. With the help of astrology, software predictions can do for individuals, with only basic details required. Besides prediction, birth charts, vastus, and many more forecasting-based activities can be done.

The listed software is based on Dasa and Apsara.

There are several maps and calculations present in the program.

The word Dasa refers to Rasi Chart.

The Dasa chart or birth equilibrium can see on the software. Details for this cycle are provided with Arambha and Anthya for each Bhukti in each Dasa period.

How to install Tamil Jathagam Software Free Download?

The latest version of the software is already listed on this website. You have to follow simple steps and install it on your system.

First, you have to click on Download and get the set-up file.

The set-up is available for free this means you don’t need to buy the item or any of its features.

Now go to downloads and double click on the downloaded file. From there allow the software to start installing. Click on Install and then on I Agree.

Finish the installation process by clicking on Finish.

Now, open the software and enter details for predictions and horoscopes.


This was my review on Tamil Jathagam Software Free Download.

I hope you have found this Tamil-based astrology software useful. If yes, then make sure to download it from this post. It is completely free of cost to use. The software will give you the accurate results and proper charts which you are looking for.

So, download it now! Also, Read this Best Astrology Software & Best Kundli Software.

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