What is the Best VFX Software according to you? The trend is all about quality visuals in the videos, people pick the best software whether it is about Bollywood or Hollywood!

Visual Effects Software has become a desiring solution for editing videos and movies.

In the last few decades, these platforms helped professional creators and editors to create the best content in various ways. These applications are highly useful for creating and enhancing imaginary video content.

Industries like media and entertainment use these technologies to improve their filmed content.

Effects you see impossible are completely possible with the Free VFX Software.

If you are a VFX artist then you can use a bunch of different tools on these applications. Effects that look difficult in real life can be achieved with few clicks on the software.

There are several key VFX Effects used by most VFX Artists. This includes digital composing, stop motion, matte painting, bullet time, prosthetic makeup, and many more! What’s stopping you to create amazing VFX?

Well, in this post I have reviewed the topmost Popular VFX Software available on the internet.

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So, let’s move to our topic and explore the content.

Top 5 Best VFX Software

All shear Top 5 Best VFX Software for Creating Animation to Use in Below List and Also I will explain All Features and Technical details in these all make Free VFX Software in India.

VFX Software

Blender VFX Software

At the first, we have Blender VFX which is a popular platform in the market for effects like motion tracking and composting. You will found its compositor very useful for post-processing and final results. One can also edit the 3D scenes in various ways as it provides an object tracking camera.

For commercial and freelancing work, it is very helpful software. To get the realistic lightning and shade effects you can use its Cycles feature. You can match-make the motion in real-time by using Blender VFX!

The key features of this VFX software

  • Blender VFX provides a real-time preview for the video.
  • You can use its amazing features for matching the background lighting.
  • One can compose the videos and images completely with its multi-thread.
  • The latest version holds a sculpting feature as well!
  • It is suitable software for beginners to edit realistic visual effects.
VFX Software

Krita VFX Software

Moving towards our next Best VFX Software in this list we have Krita that is commonly known for its matte painters and texture effects. A lot of VFX artists recommended this software for PC editing. Similar Blender VFX is also free cost platform for users. From my point of view, it is amazing for painting illustrations and comics.

You will not face any limit or paid subscription issues!

However, compared to any other platform it provides much more effects and functionality to users. I personally used its docks which are more than thirty! One can also create comic panels or bubble templates using its built-in vector tools.

The key features of this VFX software

  • A user can create a shortcut for its most used tools.
  • One can customize the complete layout according to your need.
  • The user has access to more than a hundred different brushes.
  • In the customization process, you can move the docks and panels.
VFX Software


A lot of beginners demand a platform where they can animate in 3D, add motion graphics, use broadcasts, and have much more visual effects for them, I will suggest checking out Fusion. A lot of Hollywood VFX artists use this software in movies as it provides them a wide range of useful tools.

This software is available for free and can use on both Windows and Mac!

As a VFX Artist, you will see various tools with dramatic titles. Its vector shape tools are very useful to create a motion graphic and personalizing your work with several bookmarks. Also, one can edit the templates as well.

The key features of this VFX software

  • You can download and use this software for free on both Windows and Mac.
  • The compositions can saved as templates with few clicks.
  • Useful tools like noise reduction and sharpness are available for editing.
  • Animation curve can seen on this software which is useful for composition.
  • Fusion Software preferred a lot by professionals.

Autodesk Maya

Have you watched films like Kung Fu Panda and Harry Potter? If yes then you have noticed the magic in these movies for sure! Well, Autodesk Maya is the application behind their cool effects! It is highly useful for creating animations. Also, it is also used for creating games like Prince of Persia and FIFA 09.

This software is highly recommended in Hollywood movies!

Professional creators who wanted to use effects like explosive battle combats, sweeping landscapes, or anything else must check out Autodesk Maya. In the word of VFX, it is the topmost platform. You can produce high-quality animation using this quick VFX software.

The key features of this VFX software

  • You can produce high-quality content in low time!
  • One can simulate high-level details whenever you need them.
  • Autodesk Maya is a very user friendly application with tons of special effects.
  • The product will be realistic and simulated as well.

Adobe After Effects

Last but not the least, we have Adobe After Effects as the Best VFX Software on this list. This high popular software is known for its amazing visual effects and motion graphics. Millions of users from all over the world use this software in the post-production of their content. It is used a lot in Hollywood movies, advertisements, TV projects, and many more.

You can state this software as an advance and digital platform for visual effects!

Whether it is about 3D games, TV projects, or Hollywood films Adobe After Effects used infamous series like Harry Potter as well.

The key features of this VFX software

  • This application is premium but provides noteworthy professional tools.
  • Using Creative VR Environment the user can make VR averments!
  • One can make motion graphics with data files.
  • It is simple and can used by beginners.

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