Vivitar Experience Image Manager

Are you looking for a Vivitar Experience Image Manager? Those who are not aware of this software will be completely aware of it till the last of this post and those who are already aware of this software and looking forward to downloading it should read this post as well.

In this post, you will get complete details of this application.

Well, here I have reviewed Vivitar Experience Image Manager and talked about its key aspects like what it is and how it works. You will also read the working and technical setup details in this post. Also, those who wanted to download the software can follow the steps and download it for free.

Thus read this post till last.

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Introduction of Vivitar Experience Image Manager

Well, this software is basically developed for users who hold ViviCams, especially ViviCam 5002 Digital Camera. Yes, it is software for digital cameras and those who have one must download and add this software to your digital ViviCam camera.

A lot of users face issues while discarding photos and videos from the camera.

But by using Vivitar Experience Image Manager you can easily discard all photos and videos you have taken with your camera on another device. Discarding is a very essential method to save your photos. However, this application will not only help you to save them from the camera but also allows you to share them with friends and relatives.

Vivitar Experience Image Manager

Once you understand the usage and basic concept of this software you can easily transfer pictures and movies from ViviCam 5022 Digital Camera.

While using this application you will find a number of useful features like sharing on Facebook, email, Picasa, YouTube sharing, and creating slide shows and frames on the photos. To read more features about the software keep reading this post.

Also, the user can also print the photos from the same interface.

Now, it’s time to look at the working of this software.

Technical Setup Deatails

This is Important Technical Setup Detail of Vivitar Experience Image Manager please check these Details.

Software Name Vivitar Experience
File Size33.3MB
Setup TypeOffline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
File Variant 32-Bit (x86) / 64-Bit (x64)
Release Date25/03/2019
DevelopersSakar Inc.

Working of Vivitar Experience Image Manager

Vivitar Experience Image Manager Software allows you to manage images and videos when added from the camera. One can send images and videos through print photos, create slideshow, e-mail, and make frames on the images.

This software lets the user share pictures on different social media platforms.

Remember not to plug the camera into the computer while installing this software. To run and install it, it requires a stable internet connection for sure. The installation process is very easy where you needed to insert CD into a CD-ROM drive.

The installer screen will open on your computer.

Vivitar Experience Image Manager

If it doesn’t then open the program’s CD/DVD drive and click on the Set-up bar.

Those who face internet issues or no internet problem can still download images and videos from the camera. Some minor steps needed to follow from the computer will lead to a stable connection between the software and the camera.

On windows, it will make a folder before installing. Once it gets installed launch the software.

This software can be used on Windows, iOS, and Mac as well. Keep reading to know about the technical details of the software.

More about Vivitar Experience

As I mentioned, Vivitar Experience Image Manager lets you manage media to get them from Vivitar Camera. Make sure not to attach the camera to your computer unless the software gets installed. Once you get a stable internet connection install and run it on your system.

Media files imported from Vivicam 5022 Digital Camera Memory Cards can be utilized completely.

On your system, you can examine the image rotates, images, zooms, crops, and inverts. It is possible to sort or remove chosen images and organize galleries.

The latest version of this software is 1.8.246 that can be downloaded for free.

The developers have to make sure that the software work flawlessly on most of Windows, this includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Both 32 and 64 systems will be able to run this software.

Also, regular updates will be given as well.

Special Features

There is a number of useful features present in this Vivitar Experience Image Manager. The key ones are listed below check them out.

  • Vivitar Experience Image Manager is all-in-one software available for users.
  • The user can direct discard media files like images and videos with no issue.
  • It offers user to share the media file direct to the social platforms including e-mail.
  • Installation process of this software is very easy and understandable.
  • One can do crops, rotates, zooms, frame works, and many more on the system only.
  • This is very flexible software that makes it useable on Windows, iOS, and Mac as well.
  • Whether you have system of 32 or 64 bit it can be easy run on it.
  • Over all this is very useful software and available for free to use.

Set-up details

This software has the name Vivitar Experience Image Manager only. It comes in the size of about 35Mb as an offline installer or full standalone set-up. The developers have built it very flexible so it can run on both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Regular updates can be seen for the software.

Talking about the smallest requirements, you can use it on Windows, iOS, and Mac as well. Smallest 2 GB RAM required and 500 GB hard disk for sure. The processor can be Intel Pentium or above.

If you hold a system with the above capabilities then you can easily download and use this software.


This was my review on Vivitar Experience Image Manager.

Above I have discussed the major aspects of this software like how it is useful for users who hold Vivitar Digital camera and how it can use as an easy source of media transfer.

I recommend using this software to everyone who has ViviCam Digital Cameras, it will make their sharing process an easier task. Overall, it is free to download as well.

So, download Vivitar Experience Image Manager now! And Also Check This Pokemon Game Maker, Pictek Gaming Mouse Software, Quest Soft PlayerAkruti SoftwareAnu Script Manager Article in Software Category Section.

In conclusion, share your views in the comment section as well!

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