Voice Changer App During Call

Are you looking for Voice Changer App During Call? Or do you want to prank your friends or family members by changing your voice during video calls? If yes then you have clicked on the right link as today I came up with brand new apps for this purpose.

Pranks are one of the best ways to enjoy free time with your friends.

There are different ways to prank your friends and family members but pranking them by changing their voice during a video call is the best one!

We all love to share and experience happy moments with our loved ones, so by using Voice Changer App During Call we can create a funny moment for a while. Also, this kind of apps became pretty famous in the past few months.

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One can use these apps for various reasons but most useful is for setting comical environment.

Well in this post I have covered some best applications for this purpose. Here I have reviewed the topmost Voice Changer App During Call which is available for both Android and iOS users.

Anyone with the basic platform can download these apps for free.

As the need of every user is different from each other you have to choose the perfect app for yourself.

Let’s begin the review and explore the content.

IntCall: Call Voice Changer

When we talk about some topmost applications for this purpose IntCall: Call Voice Changer stands at the topmost position.

You are going to access all the exclusive features which the app promises to offer.

Here you will find various sound effects which can be added during the calls. By pressing one button you can make your voice higher, lower, or much deeper.

Although this is a paid application and holds premium membership yet you will get 3 days of free trial to analyze whether it is useful or not.

Different sounds of cartoons and different songs can be played to prank others.

This was developed for iPhones only.

Best Voice Changer: Free

Moving to the next one, we have Best Voice Changer: Free in this list that claims as a perfect Voice Changer App During Call.

As the name says, it holds the best effects and sounds to prank on someone other.

Besides pranking life, you can record the audio and import them after adding sounds and effects. This call voice changer was built lightweight so no user could find any issue while operating it.

During a video or audio call, you can add different effects like a robot, alien, ghost, kid, an astronaut, god of death, and many more.

After importing the audio share them on social media.

It is a free application for android users!

Voice Changer App During Call

Funcalls: Voice Changer & Call Recording

Funcalls is an android based application built for entertainment and prank purposes.

Although the tools in the application are not exclusive like others its interface and usage led me to include them in this list.

While calling your friends you can add the funny sound of different animals.

This is also counted as the best app for call recording as you can choose any call to record with funny sounds. As I said, this application is very simple to use, with simple clicks you can add different effects during calls.

You can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Voice Changer App During Call

Super Voice Editor

We have talked enough about changing voice during calls, now let me introduce Super-Voice Editor for editing and changing recorded voices.

This application is a classic option as Voice Changer App During Call. It has a wide range of sound effects and editing tools for users. Once you enter this app you will find a variety of features to use!

From masculine to feminine voices you can use child voice as well.

While using the app you will also find an audio editing option which is pretty good in performance.

Furthermore, you can share the files on social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Everything can be done in real-time with amazing features and effects.

Voice Changer App During Call

Voice Changer Plus

If you are an iPhone user and looking for a voice changer app then this will be a good option for your requirements.

Voice Changer Plus is an iOS-based application that is used to create and add voice filters.

Although it is not developed for pranking during calls, yet you have sharing feature on the iPhone voice changer app. After creating your audio with a filter…you can share it on WhatsApp.

The reason to include it in this list is, it is a free application with pretty good reviews.

So, download it from Apple Store now.

Handy Tools Studio

For getting voices of your favorite superhero, alien, or robot checkout Voice Changer Voice Recorder: Handy Tools Studio.

It is an all-in-one application that allows you to prank on others during calls.

The best part of this application is, one can sing and record songs on it. Later it can be exported from the app after implementing sound effects or filters.

Different tools like superhero voice, alien voice, robotic voice, animal voice, and many more are present on this voice changer app for iPhone. Sound effects like studio reverb, theater, show, choir, and many more can see on this application.

It was developed for both android and IOS users for free.

Download voice change apps for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Voice Changer App During Call

Voice Changer: Android Rock

Built for Android users, this application is an Android Rock app. It can say best Voice Changer App During Call as it completely changes your audio delivering clear sound.

Here you will get different effects like alien voice, deep voice, robotic voice, childish voice, and many more.

Once you are done with recording, you can also import the track directly on your device.

This is a free application for android users and developers are in process of building an iOS version. So, download it from the Google Play Store now! And Also Check this Best Kundli Software for Pc, Best Bass Booster App For PC & the Best Sega Dreamcast Emulator.

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